The export of carbon fiber composite bicycle parts

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According to the statistics of Xiamen inspection and quarantine department, the export of high-tech products carbon fiber composite bicycle parts in Xiamen increased significantly in May, with the export value of more than 2.6 million US dollars, an increase of 30% over the same period last year

Xiamen inspection and quarantine bureau takes the initiative to provide policy support for technological innovation of enterprises, and extends and postpones the inspection work ◆ the present and future of medical materials. Before the full production of products, 5. The design of polyethylene terephthalate pet and other stages should be involved in advance, and the "type test" should be strictly implemented. At the same time, they also opened up a green channel for export customs clearance for enterprises, and took the initiative to undertake the unified receipt and delivery of type test samples, which greatly reduced the operating costs of enterprises

Xiamen Xinkai company, a leading enterprise, has become the world's top supplier of carbon fiber bicycle parts from the original production of rackets and badminton rackets to the production of composite bicycle parts and composite helmets

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