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New high-performance materials - Epoxy Nanocomposites

epoxy inorganic nanocomposites are a new type of high-performance materials that have developed rapidly over the past 20 years, and epoxy inorganic nanocomposites are new materials that can also produce a variety of colors. How can there be static electricity in the electronic universal testing machine? At the same time, epoxy inorganic nanocomposites have a very important impact on economic and technological development

at the same time, the use of nano materials in composites will also bring unpredictable changes to the development of composites. Nanocomposites can be divided into two categories. One is inorganic nano materials composed of metal/ceramic, metal/metal, and ceramic/ceramic ----- Li Tongxia, postdoctoral composite of the engineering research center of the Ministry of education for molded products of Dalian University of technology; The other is polymer nanocomposites composed of polymer/inorganic and polymer/polymer

according to relevant research, nano materials can greatly improve the mechanical properties, heat resistance, toughness, scratch resistance and other properties of epoxy composites, and can achieve the effect of improving heat resistance and toughness at the same time. The application research of epoxy nanocomposites has added high-tech content to the development of composites and functional materials, and will certainly make great changes in the development and application of epoxy materials

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