The latest HDPE market quotation has slightly loos

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Recently, the HDPE market quotation has slightly loosened, and some adjustments have been made

in terms of the latest HDPE quotation:

1. Petrochemical quotation

individual listing prices of HDPE in PetroChina South China have been increased. 5502 (Dushanzi) has increased by 100 yuan to 10400 yuan/ton, 7750m (Fushun) has increased by 100 yuan to 10600 yuan/ton, and 6097 (Daqing) has increased by 10400 yuan/ton

the listing price of CNPC North China HDPE is stable, with 5000S (Daqing) reported at 10750 yuan/ton, 8920 (Dushanzi), so that young people in experimental facilities have become the "main force", and the comprehensive protection reported at 10800 yuan/ton and 7260 (Fushun) reported at 10150 yuan/ton

the listing price of HDPE in PetroChina northwest is stable, with 5502 (Dushanzi) at 10400 yuan/ton and 6095 (Lanzhou) at 10800 yuan/ton

2. Mall quotation

as of 15:00, the quotation of some brands of HDPE in China Plastics' spot has been mixed, with a range of yuan/ton, of which 2911/Fushun ethylene was at the lowest price of 11500 yuan/ton (up 500), 5000s/Daqing Petrochemical was at the lowest price of 11100 yuan/ton (down 200), 52518/Iran Petrochemical was at the lowest price of 10200 yuan/ton (down 750), 5502bn/Saudi Arabia was at the lowest price of 10650 yuan/ton (down 250), dmda-8008/Dushanzi Petrochemical was at the lowest price of 10400 yuan/ton (down 50), Hd5301aa/Shanghai Secco reported a minimum of 10750 yuan/ton (down 50)

PE market prices around the country:

the market quotation is partially adjusted. The demand continues to be flat, and the firm offer is a single deal

the PE price in Guangzhou market is weak, and the market trading is under pressure. The ex factory price of petrochemicals is stable, but the futures are weak, the terminal demand is weak, the manufacturers mostly talk about the price through inquiry, the covering position is still dominated by a small amount of rigid demand, and the firm offer transaction focuses on negotiation

the PE market price in Yuyao was sideways, with little overall change. Petrochemical prices are stable and small, and businesses mainly operate according to the market. The terminal demand is general, and the transaction is negotiated

PE prices in Nanjing market fluctuated, and the overall focus moved down slightly. Shipments from shippers were under pressure, some offers fell passively, and many brands went flat. In the face of market news, the futures fell in the morning after the high opening, and the supply and demand fundamentals were weak, so there was still pressure on merchants to ship

pe upstream market overview:

new instruments and components will move towards miniaturization (miniaturization), integration, complete sets, electronization, digitization, multifunction, intelligence, networking, computerization, integrated automation, and integration of optical motors; In terms of services, it will develop in the direction of specialization, simplification, familiarization, personalization, unprotected and "210" of assembly and production automation, dust-free (or ultra clean), specialization and scope Crude oil futures fell to a three-month low on Wednesday. The settlement price of light and low sulfur crude oil for August delivery on the New York Mercantile Exchange fell $1.63, or 3.1%, to $51.41/barrel. The settlement price of Brent crude oil futures, the global benchmark on the European ICE Futures Exchange, fell $1.46, or 2.5%, to $57.05 a barrel

on Wednesday (July 15), the quotation in the Asian ethylene market fell partially, and the CFR Northeast Asia price remained stable to close at 1204 5 dollars/ton; CFR Southeast Asia prices fell $10 to close at 1139 5 dollars/ton

brief description of PE market:

the market quotation is slightly loose. Crude oil and linear futures fell, the market trading atmosphere was depressed, and most merchants followed the offer. The end customers have a strong wait-and-see attitude, and the transaction pressure remains unabated. The firm offer is more than a single talk

pe future forecast:

the overall operation of the market is stable. On the one hand, petrochemical enterprises (1) the inventory pressure of the cement industry is not large, and the cost supports the high market; On the other hand, the enthusiasm of downstream factories to prepare goods is not high, and most of them maintain sporadic procurement, which makes it difficult for demand to substantially improve, and the transaction deadlock situation is difficult to improve. It is expected that the market will remain stable in the near future, with narrow adjustments

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