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The latest hot spot in the packaging industry: saving resources and managing excessive packaging

some people say that good packaging is half the success. Under the condition of market economy, commodities rely on packaging. When you go to shopping malls and supermarkets, you can see a wide range of goods on the shelves. The outer packaging is more beautiful than one. The substrates of many outer packaging boxes are imitation gold foil, red silk, yellow satin, and the hard boxes are also painted with gold paint, dazzling. A salesperson at the tea sales counter said that there are hundreds of types of tea cans. The more exquisite, the more expensive. The Dragon Boat Festival is coming, and many zongzi brands are flocking to the market. If you stand in front of these dazzling zongzi, from the packaging point of view, zongzi is also following the moon cake and embarking on a gift 2, double headed board hand-made way. This phenomenon is thought-provoking

there is no doubt that the excessive packaging of goods has led to a waste of resources and increased environmental pollution. A data shows that the country produces more than 100 million boxes of moon cakes every year, and its packaging consumes a lot of wood materials. A large area of forest will be eaten in a mid autumn festival. Some experts also estimated that China produces about 1.2 billion shirts a year, of which 800million are packed in cartons. The amount of paper used is equivalent to cutting 1.68 million trees with a diameter of 10 cm. That is to say, for shirts alone, consumers wear a large area of forest in a year

statistics also show that one-third of urban domestic waste is packaging waste, and more than half of these packaging waste belong to over packaging. In Beijing, there are about 830000 tons of packaging waste every year, of which 600000 tons are excessive packaging. If we reduce excessive packaging, we can greatly reduce environmental pollution. At present, the volume of packaging waste accounts for half of solid waste in China, and the annual waste value is as high as 400billion yuan. China's annual packaging output reaches more than 30 million tons, but the overall recovery rate is less than 30% of the output

the survey shows that more than 90% of consumers are unwilling to study major policies, major projects and important work schedules for excessive packaging. Excessive packaging of goods is highly controlled by the state, society and individuals, which is harmful but not beneficial. We should strengthen the management work and resolutely stop the excessive packaging trend

at the beginning of 2009, the notice of the general office of the State Council on the control of excessive packaging of goods stressed that excessive packaging of goods not only wastes resources and pollutes the environment, but also leads to artificially high commodity prices, damages the interests of consumers, disrupts market order, and encourages extravagance and corruption; We should pay close attention to formulating and improving standards, regulations and policies to prohibit the production and sale of over packaged goods; We should strengthen publicity and education and mobilize the whole society to resist excessive packaging; At the same time, we should strengthen supervision and inspection

on April 1, 2010, the national mandatory standard "requirements for restricting excessive packaging of goods - Food and cosmetics" was officially implemented. The standard has made mandatory provisions on the three indicators of the void ratio, the number of packaging layers and the packaging cost of food and cosmetics sales packaging, namely, the number of packaging layers shall not be more than 3, the void ratio of packaging shall not be more than 60%, and the sum of all packaging costs other than the initial packaging shall not exceed 20% of the sales price of the commodity. The effect of the implementation of the standard for more than a year is not optimistic. Some experts said that the reason is that the requirements can achieve a comprehensive examination of the stomach in only about 15 minutes for enterprises. Once violations are committed, there are no punitive regulations, so it is difficult to implement

not long ago, the national development and Reform Commission proposed in the report on the implementation of the inspection report and deliberation opinions on the implementation of the Cleaner Production Promotion Law of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress that in the future, it will pay close attention to improving and issuing relevant regulations

some experts said that to control excessive packaging, we should learn from the experience of other countries and adhere to the principle of combining source control and end treatment. Source treatment is to reduce and limit excessive packaging by formulating standards and legislation, and end treatment is to recycle and make it resourceful. For example, Japan stipulates that the packaging cost should not exceed 15% of the selling price, and South Korea classifies excessive packaging as an illegal act, with a maximum fine of up to 3million won

both consumers and manufacturers are duty bound to curb excessive packaging. We should guide the whole society to establish a rational and green consumption concept, advocate thrift, and criticize the style of luxury. The majority of enterprises should strengthen the concept of simple packaging, oppose excessive packaging, and advocate appropriate packaging, so as to achieve the purpose of saving costs and resources

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