The latest heat sensitive CTP plate fitm was award

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Xintu thermal CTP plate fit m obtained the screen A-level product certification

Xintu recently obtained the product certification report on Xintu thermal CTP plate fit m from big Japan screen manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Daini adopts the servo electromechanical drive, and the servo electromechanical drives the moving beam to move up and down through the transmission mechanism to realize the experimental loading process. It is divided into single space and dual space models. Ppon screen mfg. Co., Ltd.) and obtained the A-level certification results. This means that Xintu thermal CTP plate fit m has obtained the highest level product certification from a well-known CTP plate making equipment supplier - screen

in the certification report on fit m of Xintu thermal CTP plate provided by big Japan screen company on December 5, 2012, the screen concluded that: under the condition that users follow the use conditions of Xintu CTP plate, the screen believes that fit m of Xintu thermal CTP plate meets the design requirements of its plate making machine, and both can be well instructed by our after-sales personnel. This installation is compatible, without special debugging of the equipment or testing of the plate

the test of Xintu thermal CTP plate fit m in the product certification report includes multiple indicators such as energy range and point reduction. The test is carried out for the whole process of screen platerite series plate making machines. Xintu thermal CTP plate fit m passed with excellent test results

as a leading CTP thermal plate manufacturing and R & D enterprise in China, Xintu has launched a number of fit series CTP plates, which have been widely used in major and medium-sized cities across the country and 54 countries and regions overseas, and have been deeply recognized and praised by domestic and foreign markets

about Xintu thermal CTP plate fit m

fit m thermal CTP plate is a new generation of thermal CTP plate with the latest technology introduced by Xintu. Its operation tolerance is greater, and its excellent and stable point reduction ability. Fit m thermal CTP plate meets the requirements of printing enterprises for 6 Instrument 1 must be grounded to meet the production requirements of higher printing quality and long plate printing

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