Brief comment on the market of Zhejiang Changxing

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Brief comment on the market of Zhejiang Changxing Light Textile City (August 8-14) -- polyester and yarn Market

in the past week, the trading volume of polyester market has shown an amplification momentum, and the price of polyester has continued to rise, with a large increase of yuan/t per day, with an average of yuan/t. In particular, FDY fine denier 3D printing technology is a new advanced processing means in recent years. The purchasing power of silk is strong, and the price also shows an upward trend. For example, fdy63d shows a "volume and price rise" market, The current price is 15500 yuan/t. On the whole, fdy50d, which has a relatively dynamic sales volume, has a bright silk market, with a central price of 16600 yuan/t. The reason is that the production of five satins and satins on the machine has expanded. DTY silk 100d/144f winding market sales remain good, coupled with the usual accurate protection of the experimental machine, its central price is 16800 yuan/t. In this market, the sales volume of POY series products is very small, and the market center prices of 50d/48f and 75d/96f are 14000 yuan/t and 13800 yuan/t respectively. It is expected that the improvement of total factor productivity of polyester industry will play a greater role in the future, and the situation will be stable and upward. The price of pure polyester yarn also fluctuated upward. The sales volume of polyester cotton yarn was basically stable, and the price of varieties also increased. From the analysis of current market conditions, the general cash offer in the polyester chip market is 13000 yuan/t, and the general cash delivery transaction price in the polyester staple fiber market is 13200 yuan/t. Under the upward effect of upstream raw materials, the prices of polyester and polyester yarn will continue to push up the market trend

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