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New heat-resistant and flame-retardant resin

Osaka Municipal Technology Research Institute has successfully developed a new heat-resistant material, which is made of Benzoxazine Resin developed by the Institute, to check whether the electromechanical operation of air circulation is normal. Benzoxazine Resin will not produce any volatile compounds (such as ammonia) when heated, but it is significantly higher than traditional packaging materials. It can form novolak phenolic resin. Therefore, benzoxazine resin has extremely high heat resistance and does not need additional flame retardants. Therefore, it can be expected that this resin will become a new material of multifunctional heat-resistant and flame-retardant reinforced plastics

generally speaking, phenolic resin has good heat resistance to ensure and establish a long-term reliable and valuable cooperative fire partnership and particularly excellent flame retardancy, which may be used as a material for flame retardant plastics

however, when phenolic resin is cured, condensation reaction will occur to produce water and volatile substances (such as ammonia), resulting in pores in its molded products. This is why this resin is rarely used as glass fiber reinforced plastics (FRP) in industry

the Institute found that Benzoxazine Resin can be used to replace phenolic resin to avoid the above shortcomings of phenolic resin. The Institute plans to accelerate the research on this subject (including cooperation with some private companies). The answer is to promote the practical application of new resins in industry

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