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New high-speed film winding system: br ü ckner liwind system

br ü ckner recently launched liwind system. The successful application of this new system marks that the film winding system has entered a high-speed era. In cooperation with Manuli film company, the world's leading film supplier, Br ü ckner developed and tested this new winding system. Manuli's 10m BOPP high-performance and then output measuring giant thin film production line is currently the world's largest and fastest system, and its winder has been fully improved. The mechanical/pneumatic/hydraulic contact roller positioning system used in the original system has been replaced by the revolutionary linear motor winding system, namely liwind system (patented)

the new system uses a linear motor to control the movement of the contact roll and the contact pressure. The linear motor drives the contact roller to the required position and provides the required contact pressure. The control range of pressure can be between 10n/m and 400n/m, and the accuracy can reach 0.01n/m

the system has many advantages, such as being able to adapt to the winding of all film forms; The wide operation window can adapt to more parameter adjustments (adjustable); Significantly reduce the number of mechanical components, equipment Rockwell hardness tester features better durability; No system instability; No leakage, etc

this system has been developed for two years, and it is put into use after sufficient tests and excellent test results. In August this year, this system began to be installed on the 10m production line of Manuli. Before starting production, first start two large winding rollers to reach the winding speed of 570m/min. Starting the production line again can realize the high-speed and perfect winding of the film

manuli's technicians are very satisfied with this system: "this system is perfect, bhsi415 flat, 100% meets our expectations. Now we can confirm that the equipment has been connected to the power supply line at a very high speed and produce the film with the best winding quality."

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