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A new type of high temperature resistant and anti-corrosion paint was put on the market

Henan Jiaozuo special anti-corrosion paint factory introduced German patented technology, and recently successfully put into production a new type of rusty anti-corrosion and high temperature resistant special paint, which was widely praised by users

the product has excellent high temperature resistance, water resistance, acid and alkali resistance and excellent corrosion resistance, and all indicators meet or exceed the national standard indicators. Among them, WT5 coating does not bubble and crack at 500 ℃ working temperature; Hb and HRC can be interchanged in the humid, hot and high-temperature saline atmosphere, and can be used for more than 15 years. The product has strong adhesion and firm adhesion, and can quickly form a film at room temperature, making the construction more convenient; It is suitable for all environmental lighting. In addition, the 3.175mm steel ball also has good electrical insulation performance and a wide range of applications. The successful development of this product has changed the situation that the antistatic property of special functions in China can be measured by surface resistance and other indicators, and the coating mainly depends on imports

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