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Zhaoyue Communication Industrial Ethernet switch helps Jingshen 600000 tons of combined alkali technology transformation

the me-1624re series industrial Ethernet switch produced by zhaoyue company has been successfully applied to the 600000 tons of combined alkali technology transformation project of Jiangsu Jingshen Salt Chemical Co., Ltd. under the strict screening of customers. It is running well at present. Me-1624re series industrial Ethernet switches have been used in industrial field data communication projects of various large enterprises for many times, with stable operation and reliable performance, representing the excellent technical level of domestic industrial Ethernet switches

Jingshen 600000 ton combined alkali project is a key project for Jiangsu salt industry group company to speed up the adjustment of industrial structure and realize the extension of industrial chain relying on the rich rock salt resources in this area. The total investment of the project is 1.5 billion yuan, with an annual output target of 600000 tons, of which the combined caustic soda can achieve an annual sales revenue of 1.2 billion yuan. At present, Australia is the country using the device, and the annual investment interest rate is about 15%

recently, the company's products have achieved large-scale applications in various fields. Mie-422 developed the first 6800 ton Industrial Ethernet switch in Asia, which was successfully applied to a large hotel project in Chengdu, marking that our industrial Ethernet switch has also become a popular brand in the commercial industry

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