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On May 26, the company held an expanded meeting of the general manager's office to discuss the issues related to the construction of strong smart electricity proposed by the head of state power in the "2009 International Conference on UHV transmission technology", and carried out a heated and extensive discussion in combination with the company's current market environment, existing product lines and future development positioning, A broad consensus was reached, and the final meeting voted to adopt the resolution on fully supporting the construction of strong and smart electricity by the state power grid. It defines the goal of further improving the company's product line and quality development. We will continue to contribute our efforts to achieve the goal of building strong and intelligent electricity in the country

related background:

People's Beijing, May 21 (Xinhua) -- on May 21, the 2009 International Conference on UHV transmission technology opened in Beijing. Zhang Dejiang, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and vice premier of the State Council, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. He stressed that it is necessary to implement the national energy strategy, vigorously develop UHV transmission technology, optimize the energy structure, improve energy efficiency, ensure energy security, and provide stable and reliable power guarantee for the sustainable development of economy and society by greatly reducing the window of design stress

on behalf of the Chinese government, Vice Premier Zhang Dejiang congratulated the convening of the UHV International Conference and fully affirmed the work of the State Grid Corporation of China based on independent innovation, promoting the development of UHV to achieve new breakthroughs, and actively exploring and building a unified strong intelligent current energy

Zhang Dejiang pointed out that with the accelerated development of China's industrialization, modernization and urbanization, the demand for energy will continue to grow for a long time, and ensuring the stable supply of energy and electricity is a long-term and arduous task for China. China's primary energy distribution and productivity layout are very uneven. Accelerating the construction of UHV will help to promote the structural adjustment of energy layout and the optimal allocation of energy resources, and help to ensure the safe and reliable supply of energy. We should seize the rare opportunity of the development of UHV transmission, operate and manage the UHV test demonstration project, ensure the safe and stable operation of the project, and organize acceptance in a timely manner. We should conscientiously summarize the experience of engineering construction, constantly improve UHV transmission technology, and accelerate the application of UHV transmission technology

Zhang Dejiang said that the Chinese government has always advocated the new energy security concept of mutually beneficial cooperation, diversified development and coordinated protection, actively supported various forms of international exchanges and cooperation, jointly promoted the progress of UHV transmission technology, and promoted the continuous new development of world electricity technology

Wang Yeping, vice chairman of the State Electricity Regulatory Commission, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. He said that electricity is an important part of energy infrastructure. A strong and reliable modern power plays an irreplaceable role in ensuring the security of national energy supply, optimizing the allocation of energy resources on a larger scale, and achieving specific economic, social and environmental development goals

Wang Yeping said that the State Electricity Regulatory Commission supports and encourages further investment in electricity, accelerates the development of electricity, effectively changes the lagging situation of electricity development, and further improves the ability of electricity to optimize the allocation of resources and resist natural disasters and risk accidents. It is hoped that the State Grid Corporation of China will continue to work with its partners to further strengthen major technological breakthroughs, constantly overcome the development problems of transmission technology, further strengthen the construction of electric frame structure, continuously improve the ability and level of safe and stable operation control of large power, further strengthen the operation and management of electricity, continuously reduce the cost of electricity construction and management, and improve transmission efficiency

liuzhenya, chairman of the meeting and general manager of the State Power Corporation, introduced the operation of China's first 1000 kV high voltage AC test demonstration project. He pointed out that the active development of smart electricity has become a new trend in the development of power in the world, and smart electricity should first be a strong electricity. Being strong is the foundation of smart electricity, and intelligence is the key for strong electricity to give full play to its role. The two complement each other, coordinate and unify

Liu Zhenya said that in combination with the basic national conditions and UHV practice, the State Grid Corporation of China has established the development goal of accelerating the construction of strong smart electricity, that is, accelerating the construction of a unified and strong smart electricity with UHV as the backbone, the coordinated development of electricity at all levels, and the characteristics of informatization, digitization, automation and interaction

it is reported that since 2004, the State Grid Corporation of China has been concerned and supported by all sectors of society. Therefore, the fixture is a part of the material testing machine that often changes according to the changes of material samples. It has cooperated with electric power research, design, manufacturing, construction and other units and relevant institutions to fully promote the research and engineering construction of UHV transmission technology. On January 6, 2009, the 1000 kV AC test demonstration project of Southeast Shanxi Nanyang Jingmen independently developed, designed and constructed by China was officially put into operation, and has maintained stable operation so far

on the first day of the meeting, the national power company released its UHV engineering achievements and the research results of "building strong smart electricity". The conference will carry out extensive and in-depth discussions on the development of UHV transmission and smart power technology, promote the sustainable development of the world's power industry, jointly cope with the international financial crisis, and the relationship between energy and environment and climate

Xiao Yaqing, Deputy Secretary General of the State Council, Li Rongrong, director of the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, Sun Qin, deputy director of the national energy administration, Xie Zhenhua, executive vice president of the China Electricity Council, and leaders of the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the Ministry of science and technology, the Ministry of finance, the Ministry of environmental protection, the State Administration of work safety, the intellectual property office and other relevant government departments attended the opening ceremony

the conference was hosted by the State Power Corporation of China, and co organized by the China Society of electrical engineering, China Machinery Industry Federation, China Electric Power Enterprise Federation, Tsinghua University and North China Electric Power University. More than 400 representatives from relevant international organizations, government departments, industry organizations, power enterprises, research institutions, design units, manufacturers and financial institutions from 21 countries and regions attended the meeting

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