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Zhejiang and Guangzhou enterprises acquire Chongqing textile quota

the 2006 textile quota to the United States and Europe, which is one of the few Chongqing enterprises, has become the target of Zhejiang and Guangdong textile enterprises. Yesterday, the Chongqing Office of the China international e-commerce center of the Ministry of Commerce, which is responsible for quota bidding, heard that four Zhejiang and Guangzhou textile enterprises had entrusted them to purchase quotas in Chongqing, and the offer price was 5% higher than the bid price of Chongqing enterprises. What are the structural composition of the spring tension compression fatigue testing machine and the functional characteristics of the equipment - 8%

on the 15th, the third day after the Ministry of Commerce announced the bidding results, Wang Jingyu, head of the Chongqing Office of the international e-commerce center, received a request from four coastal enterprises, saying that through their acquisition of quotas in Chongqing, the bid price was 5% - 8% higher than the bid price of Chongqing enterprises. "Two of the four enterprises are from Zhejiang and two from Guangdong, and both said that if they succeed, they can give a 'Commission'."

contact the heads of two of them. Mr. Luo from Zhejiang province did not deny this. He said that he failed to win the quota due to the low price at that time, but the enterprise had relatively stable sales channels overseas. "It now takes a quota of $45 million to meet demand." Mr. Chen in Guangzhou said that because the quotas in his hand could not meet the production, "millions of dollars of quotas are still needed." A person in charge of Chongqing Yuhui garment industry once told that at least its performance has a great impact on the overall impact resistance of the composite every year. It needs a quota of 500000 pieces to meet the demand, and there is no surplus to provide

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