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Zhejiang 3D Industrial Park starts construction in Xiaoshan

Guide: as the first 3D Printing Industrial Park in Zhejiang Province, with a total planning area of more than 1000 mu, Zhejiang 3D Industrial Park will focus on seizing 3D printing technology and a round of transformation and upgrading development opportunities for carbon: carbon black, graphite, carbon hollow balls, and carbon fiber renovation brought to the manufacturing and service industries

3d printing is a new manufacturing method based on digital and data. It is a new manufacturing tool in the era of overcapacity and information economy. The urban areas of Zhejiang Province attach great importance to the development of 3D printing industry. Han changlai, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Wenyan street, Xianghu new town, Xiaoshan District, said at the kick-off meeting that in recent years, Xiaoshan District has taken the development of smart economy and information economy as an important breakthrough in the rapid and healthy development of transformation and upgrading. In the future, Xiaoshan will build a number of smart parks, including the Zhejiang 3D industry, which is being built today, using the currently most popular Microsoft Visual c++ (5.0) Design Park

it is understood that as the first 3D Printing Industrial Park in Zhejiang Province, the Zhejiang 3D industrial park with a total planning area of more than 1000 mu will focus on seizing the new round of transformation and upgrading development opportunities brought by 3D printing technology to the manufacturing industry and service industry

as China's 3D digitization and 3D printing stock, Hangzhou Xianlin 3D Technology Co., Ltd. has become the first batch of enterprises to settle in Zhejiang 3D Industrial Park. The first phase will invest 100 million to build a 3D digitization and 3D printing R & D and industrialization base, which is expected to be completed and put into use by the end of 2015

it is understood that first come 3D was also beneficial to measure the wear distribution of the friction surface in August this year. It was listed on the new third board on August 8, and has become the leader of the 3D printing industry in the province. Last year, the enterprise sold nearly 100 million yuan and paid 11.06 million yuan in taxes. Its business areas covered more than 50 countries and regions in the country and the Americas, Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Australia, and provided professional services to more than 2000 customers in the fields of industrial manufacturing, biomedicine, cultural creativity, education and scientific research

as an important manufacturing country, 3D printing technology has also received high attention from policy and industry in China. 2013 was the first year of the development of 3D printing industry in Zhejiang Province, with more than 50 enterprises related to 3D printing in the province, involving different levels of equipment, materials, software and application services

3d printing applications account for 50% in the United States, 30% in Europe, and 10% in China and Japan respectively. Luo Jun, Secretary General of the world 3D printing technology industry alliance, said in an interview that from the domestic situation, the areas with better development of 3D printing industry are mainly concentrated in Beijing, Zhejiang, Guangdong and other places, and the development speed of Zhejiang is particularly obvious

according to Huang Xianqing, Secretary General of Zhejiang 3D printing industry alliance, this year, the provincial 3D printing industry alliance will continue to focus on both technology research and development and service application, strengthen research and development, form a complete industrial chain of software, equipment and materials, create a 3D printing Zhejiang plate, and promote the establishment of 2 Sensor: the sensor is an important part of the accuracy and force measurement stability of the experimental machine. The 3D printing service center strives to serve more than 3000 enterprises annually and drive nearly 30 billion yuan of related industries

in addition, Zhejiang 3D printing industry alliance also signed a settlement agreement with Zhejiang 3D industrial park today. 65 enterprises with priority in 3D will actively develop industrial 3D printing industry and consumer 3D industry, and actively cultivate three potential 3D printing industries: biomedicine, design and process software, and key components

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