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Zhaoyue communication's "digital substation Industrial Ethernet switch" was approved by the innovation fund

Shanghai Science and Technology Commission provides government funded support funds for new technology projects of high-tech companies every year. The fund is used to guide and support scientific and technological enterprises to enhance independent innovation activities, strengthen the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and promote the healthy development of enterprises. The implementation of these projects has supported a number of enterprises with technological innovation and development potential, effectively promoted the transformation and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, and further improved the independent innovation ability of enterprises

recently, the digital substation Industrial Ethernet switch project mainly researched and developed by the company was approved by Shanghai Science and technology innovation fund

the industrial Ethernet switch of zhaoyue communication digital substation is mainly used in the industrial fields such as power dispatching communication, power micro not only one of the main methods to study the wear mechanism, machine protection, industrial control, traffic control, distributed data acquisition system, power system data acquisition and control system, etc. it is suitable for use in harsh and harsh industrial environment. Its core problem is to solve the collection of industrial data Transmission control and communication problems. In particular, the national key promotion project of electric power, the digital substation that meets the IEC-61850 standard, has widely used this product, and with the development of industrial control communication in our country, the communication specifications that meet the unified standard will inevitably dominate the market

innovation is the soul of our brand! Zhaoyue communication will continue to innovate and develop industrial equipment to meet more needs. The supply and demand status of the global aluminum powder industry market is that supply exceeds demand

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