The hottest zhaoyue switch has been successfully a

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The mega switch has been successfully applied to the portrait recognition system at the outer door of the 211 building of Changsha Metro Lines 1 and 2

in recent years, with the major breakthrough of portrait recognition technology, the reliability and stability have been continuously improved, showing great application value. In September, the portrait recognition system project of 12 central stations of Changsha Metro Lines 1 and 2 passed the completion acceptance, which is the key to the operation sprint. The competition of price has become a key step

according to the guiding ideology of the security department, the portrait recognition technology connects the four elements of time, place, event and person object to realize the landing of personnel identity, pre-warning and improve the post retrieval efficiency

the portrait recognition system of Changsha Metro Line 1 and line 2 uses the industry-leading recognition algorithm, which has the characteristics of high recognition, high response speed of innovative project cooperation + academic cooperation mode, high security and high accuracy. Then the communication backbone adopts a three-layer Gigabit Ethernet switch to create a modular, high-performance, high-capacity, safe and reliable network to escort the whole system and ensure the normal operation of the portrait recognition system of 12 central stations

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