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Zhejiang Anji Paper Co., Ltd. broke through the cracks and burst into a sky

Yiwu's 3 tons of special paper has just been shipped, and today there are orders for 6 tons of two varieties of special paper. Recently, in Zhejiang Huzhou Anji Lifeng Paper Co., Ltd., I saw a busy scene that will not be broken. According to reports, the output value of the enterprise in the first four months increased significantly compared with the same period last year

since the beginning of this year, the paper industry in this county has a good development momentum, and the enterprise paper is very marketable. The products of some enterprises are in short supply. The production and marketing of paper and paper products industry seems to have reached the bottom and stopped falling. This little-known small industry seems to have ushered in the spring of development for several decades this year. From January to April this year, the cumulative output value of paper-making enterprises above Designated Size in the county reached 169 million yuan, an increase of 15.6% over the same period last year

some large paper mills in other places produce ordinary paper such as paper, which is characterized by large quantity and low price. Our enterprise scale is not as good as that of maintaining a good situation in export, so we chose special paper with relatively less demand in product positioning. Qi Liankuan, an enterprise cadre of Lifeng company, said that at present, our enterprise has more than 20 kinds of paper with greatly improved integration of devices, including printing paper, decorative paper, composite paper, etc., all of which are low gram weight special paper. It is understood that the demand for special paper is much smaller than that of ordinary paper. For example, a customer may only need 5 or 6 tons of printing paper at a time. Large paper mills generally do not produce such a small output. Lifeng company is relatively flexible and can meet the needs of customers with small tonnage. This gap market has become the target of Lifeng

it is learned that in combination with the environmental protection upgrading and reconstruction project, many paper-making enterprises have transformed and upgraded by improving production processes and end treatment equipment this year. The new water line of Yatong paper industry will realize the recycling of water and save about 70% of water consumption; Lingtong paper is forced to forge the competitiveness of enterprises through energy conservation and emission reduction and environmental protection

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