The hottest Zhejiang 6kW three-phase diesel genera

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Zhejiang 6kW three-phase diesel generator

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the appearance is very exquisite. It is the only one of the small gasoline generators with a battery. This generator is known as the best machine in the RV generator. The machine is small in size, does not occupy space in the RV, has low noise, will not affect the normal day in the RV, has moderate power comparison, and can be equipped with a small variable-frequency air conditioner, induction cooker, electricity 6, the display is normal, but can not induce load brain, television, and other common in some RV With the precision instrument, the voltage is stable, which is equivalent to the mains power. This generator is used in the RV, making you feel as if it is in the household mains power! What are you thinking about if you want a Motorhome generator? Call and buy quickly

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