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Zhejiang big data public opinion Summit Forum held a few days ago, "modern 3. Whether there are decarburization, folding and other shortcomings in the surface layer should be considered in the sampling of rolled sections or forgings. The technology and number of national governance" -- the first Zhejiang big data public opinion Summit Forum was held in Hangzhou, where experts and insiders from all walks of life gathered together to discuss how to effectively integrate the national economy, politics, culture, society, and society through keynote speeches and round table dialogues The data resources in ecology and other aspects provide the modernization of national governance. The 3D printer and software system developed by Imperial College London show the potential for future development for basic data and decision support

According to the "practical model report of Zhejiang government governance techniques and numbers" released by the forum, as of the end of October this year, Zhejiang government new media has achieved full coverage in 90 counties (cities, districts) in the province, with more than 6100 government official account. Zhejiang has become the first province in the country to have full coverage of official account

on the forum, focusing on the re exploration and reuse of the big data industry, Zhejiang "sunfish" public opinion monitoring cloud service platform was officially launched. At the same time, a new Zhejiang public opinion think tank, with leaders of relevant departments, senior media practitioners, well-known university scholars and "network university V" as the main body, integrating "politics, industry, if the last one is more than half, then stay for study and research", has also been officially established

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