The hottest Zhejiang businessmen return to Jiaxing

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Since the "return of Zhejiang Merchants" has become the "No. 1 project" of Jiaxing's economic work, Jiaxing has set off a new upsurge of investment attraction, in which foreign-funded projects have performed prominently

since the return of Zhejiang merchants has become the No. 1 project of Jiaxing's economic work, Jiaxing has set off a new upsurge of investment attraction, in which foreign-funded projects have performed prominently

it is reported that from January to May this year, Jiaxing has overfulfilled the annual target task of supporting Zhejiang businessmen's entrepreneurship and innovation to obtain stripping power and minimize the use of foreign capital. The city has newly introduced 11 Zhejiang businessmen's return to foreign capital projects (including capital increase). The contracted use of foreign capital is equivalent to 9.48 billion yuan, 3.632 billion yuan has been actually paid in, and 102.77% of the annual target task has been completed, of which 626 million yuan was paid in the introduced projects that year, The funds in place for the carry forward projects are 3.006 billion yuan

the effect of attracting large enterprises, attracting strong ones and selecting excellent ones appears.

as Jiaxing focuses on attracting investment from the world's top 500 companies and the top five global industry leading enterprises, the effect of attracting large enterprises, attracting strong ones and selecting excellent ones gradually appears. In terms of the object and scale of the foreign investment projects introduced by Zhejiang merchants in Jiaxing in May, among the 11 newly introduced projects, the world's top 500 projects have two driving systems, whose principle is roughly the same as that of deformation measurement. There are 1 investment project with more than 100 million yuan, 4 projects with more than 30 million yuan, and 6 projects with more than 10 million yuan

from the perspective of industrial structure, secondary and tertiary industry projects dominate. The paid in foreign capital of secondary industry projects is 2.211 billion yuan, accounting for 60.88% of the total paid in foreign capital, which fully reflects that the introduction of projects pays attention to the development of the real economy; The actual foreign capital of the tertiary industry project is 1.39 billion yuan, and the French norplex Micarta company is 900 million yuan, accounting for 38.51% of the total foreign capital, which is also in line with the guidance of giving priority to the development of modern service industry in Jiaxing

at the same time, from the perspective of industry structure, the introduced projects this year focus on the industrial orientation of the city's development of strategic emerging industries and high-end equipment industry. The projects are mainly concentrated in electronic information, biomedicine (food), new materials, electronic appliances, auto parts, precision machinery and other industries

since the implementation of Zhejiang Merchants' return project, Jiaxing has built a multi-level platform, and various policies to promote the return have also been intensively introduced, which has created conditions for Jiaxing to recruit large enterprises, attract strong ones and select excellent ones

comprehensively help the transformation and upgrading of foreign capital

in supporting the entrepreneurship and innovation of Zhejiang businessmen, Jiaxing also actively guides qualified Zhejiang enterprises to graft on the world's top 500 enterprises, and promotes the transformation and upgrading of Jiaxing's utilization of foreign capital through strong cooperation

with the help of Zhejiang merchants, Morgan Stanley, the world's top 500 enterprise, has achieved a strong alliance with Tongkun Group Co., Ltd., a Chinese top 500 enterprise. On the one hand, Morgan Stanley's investment has stabilized Tongkun group's position as the world's No. 1 in polyester filament production and sales, on the other hand, it has also made Tongkun company's management structure continuously optimized and improved, capital operation more scientific and reasonable, and enterprise competitiveness further improved. Luo Baihui, CEO of golden model, said that the renewed efforts of the world's top 500 after investment highlight the great advantages of attracting foreign investment by people and enterprises, and the promotion and introduction of Zhejiang merchants have catalysed the mutual benefit and win-win between enterprises and between enterprises and society

directional investment attraction of the industrial chain is also another feature of the introduction of entrepreneurship and innovation projects by Zhejiang merchants. Luo Baihui pointed out that after years of agglomeration and development, the optical and electromechanical industry in Pinghu Economic Development Zone has formed a relatively complete industrial supporting system. The newly introduced Japanese electric power production yuan Dongshi (Pinghu) Co., Ltd. in the Zhejiang Merchants' return to foreign investment project will use all the aluminum die-casting molds, control valves and aluminum die-casting parts produced in the supporting optical and electromechanical enterprises in the development zone to further extend the industrial chain, Give play to the agglomeration role of the industrial chain

the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Bureau of Commerce said that in the next step, the Municipal Department of Commerce will further encourage Zhejiang businessmen to return to investment, and make continuous efforts to explore and attract more high-end and high-quality projects to settle in Jiaxing with the help of the group advantages and network foundation of Zhejiang chambers of commerce at home and abroad

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