The hottest Japanese exports to China in October p

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In October, Japan exported pvc560 dollars to China/t

according to the negotiation results, the price of PVC exported from Japan to Chinese Mainland was 560 dollars per ton. In Japan, the price was 580-590 US dollars last month, but the result was still a drop of 20-30 US dollars. Japan's output decreased due to increased demand in autumn and increased domestic shipments. The PVC produced in Chinese Mainland is about 5500 yuan per metric ton, and the PVC based on ethylene is about 5700 yuan, which is about 502 dollars and 520 dollars in U.S. dollars. Therefore, the price cannot be increased, and it is not expected that the PVC price will decrease significantly in November

the detection instruments to be equipped include: quantitative sampling knife, electronic balance, paper thickness measurement pendulum energy meter, ring pressure meter (paperboard compression meter), tension machine, moisture meter, burst resistance meter, folding resistance meter, surface absorption weight meter, smoothness meter, whiteness meter, stiffness meter There are many factors that affect the accuracy of cement strength inspection and experiment by the statement summary method such as glossiness meter:

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