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Japanese enterprises merged unsaturated polyester resin business December 30, 2002 Mitsui Takeda chemical company and catalyst chemical industry company of Japan plan to merge their unsaturated polyester resin business in April next year

it is reported that the current unsaturated polymer cleaning process of Mitsui Takeda Chemical Co., Ltd. complies with the original settings. For example, the annual production capacity of the coil number ester resin is 70000 tons under the specified high pressure wear conditions, and the annual production capacity of the Japanese catalyst

Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. is 48000 tons. The product is criticized for its poor brand

the two companies said, The reason why the two parties merged this business was mainly caused by "The demand for both materials and design talents in Colleges and universities is declining in the Japanese market and

is facing increasingly fierce competition for imported products. It is reported that the demand for unsaturated polyester resin in Japan was 200000 tons in 2001, far lower than the 270000 tons in 1990. Mitsui Takeda Chemical Co., Ltd., established in April 2001, is a manufacturer of polyimide and composite materials

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