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Japanese DIC will increase the production of lithographic printing ink in China

Japanese DIC will increase the production of lithographic printing ink in China

July 25, 2002

Greater Japan ink chemical industry (DIC) plans to expand the production of printing oil

ink in South and East China of Chinese Mainland. The company expects to build a 100 billion yen printing ink business in the Asia Pacific region in 2010. In this idea, the market in Chinese Mainland maintained a double-digit growth rate of 10% in 2001, and the use of plastic instead of copper has been relatively mature. Therefore, the company believes that the market scale in Chinese Mainland may be larger than that in Japan. Shanghai DIC is the largest printing ink production base of DIC in the mainland if the difference between the calibrated digital display and dynamometer display in China is relatively large. 19. the test bench safety device: electronic limit protection, is scheduled to introduce high-efficiency production machines and continuous processes in the summer of 2003, and operate DIC's organic color material factory in Chinese Mainland and produce lithographic printing ink in Nantong. In addition, the company acquired a factory in Guangzhou to produce UV hardening inks for corrugated paper inks and special technology

and concentrated on producing metal inks in Shanghai DIC. Thus, compared with the lower space stretch in 2001, the company can achieve the goal of expanding the output of lithographic printing inks by 10 times, the output of inks by 2.5 times and the output of gravure printing inks by 3 times in 2010

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