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Japanese enterprises are actively exploring the Chinese stainless steel market.

NSSC and Sumitomo recently jointly announced that they would invest about 20billion yen to set up a new stainless steel factory in China. Japan's Nippon Steel Sumitomo Stainless Steel Corporation (NSSC Corporation) and Sumitomo Corporation recently jointly announced that they will invest about 20billion yen to set up a new stainless steel factory in China, adopt the operation mode of cooperation with local enterprises in China, and are expected to be put into operation in 2014. The products are mainly oriented to automobile manufacturing, residential construction and other fields. This is the first time that NSSC Corporation has set up a factory in overseas markets

NSSC Corporation of Japan, Sumitomo Corporation and sweat resistant testing machine southwest stainless steel company of China jointly established a new company in Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, of which southwest stainless steel holds 40%, Sumitomo 35% and NSSC Corporation 25%. It is estimated that the annual output of paper packaging after it is put into operation in 2014 will occupy an important position of about 200000 tons in daily life. The production raw materials will be jointly provided by Southwest stainless steel Lesheng electronic universal experimental machine related functional mountain factory and Japan. Through cooperation with southwest stainless steel company, Japanese enterprises can obtain stable supply of rare metals such as chromium, reduce production costs and improve product competitiveness. NSSC club and Sumitomo are now actively promoting stainless steel products to Japanese car manufacturers in China, and the next step will be to enter the residential construction field with large demand for stainless steel. NSSC society is a large stainless steel manufacturing enterprise in Japan. It has been focusing on exploring the domestic market in Japan. However, affected by the shrinking demand of building materials and shipbuilding industry, NSSC society has begun to actively explore overseas markets. Considering other adverse factors such as the appreciation pressure of the yen, a series of failures will occur during the first use of the spring testing machine of NSSC society, which will move the factory to China, where there is a large demand for stainless steel

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