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The state-level key laboratory of underwater robot technology of Harbin Engineering passed the acceptance

December 5 - the state-level key laboratory of underwater robot technology of Harbin Engineering, which lasted six years and invested 126 million yuan, was officially completed and passed the acceptance

the state-level key laboratory of underwater robot technology began to rely on Harbin Engineering University in 2002. Based on the principle of construction and operation, through six years of efforts, the laboratory has achieved remarkable results in terms of condition construction, scientific research and talent training. The laboratory, mixed with ABS and EVA, can improve its toughness. It has established three research laboratories to carry out basic theory and application basic research in the main technical fields of underwater robots, has a deep-water test tank with advanced technology, complete functions and domestic advanced level, and has built a research platform with complete facilities, advanced technology and orderly management, It has created domestic first-class research and development conditions for undertaking national major pre research and major basic research

key laboratories provide important technical support for national economic construction, especially marine development. The underwater robot research team has undertaken a number of scientific research topics in the fields of basic research, marine development technology, national defense equipment pre research and national defense basic research Tensile strength: the anti-aircraft equipment research project, the national defense basic research project, the high-tech ship project, the military 973 project, the national defense pre research fund, the National Natural Science Foundation, the 863 program, etc. have made good progress in developing yinjiaoju as a commercially viable renewable source of high-quality natural rubber and as a replacement for rubber trees, and a number of scientific research achievements. A number of technical achievements have been directly applied to the national economy and national defense construction, Obvious benefits have been achieved. The laboratory won one second prize of national science and technology progress, one first prize, one second prize and two third prizes of national defense science and technology, one first prize and two second prizes of Heilongjiang Science and technology, and one third prize of science and technology of the general staff of the Chinese people's Liberation Army. It has obtained 2 invention patents, 10 utility model patents and applied for 16 national invention patents

at present, the key laboratory has become an important base for the cultivation of compound high-tech talents in the field of ship and marine engineering technology, especially in the field of underwater vehicle technology. From 2002 to 2008, the laboratory trained a total of 63 doctoral and 217 master's students, providing the country with compound professionals in the technical fields of ship and ocean engineering, intelligent control, pattern recognition, underwater acoustic engineering and communication engineering. The research of the laboratory in the system design and integration of ocean space vehicle, intelligent planning and control, underwater navigation and positioning, underwater target detection and recognition has promoted the development of underwater robot technology in China, which is of great significance to protect the country's marine rights and interests, explore the ocean and develop the ocean

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