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Share: Philips aca308 car air purifier removes formaldehyde odor and filters PM2 5 evaluation

recommendation of Philips hot selling on-board air purifier: Philips aca308 on-board air purifier removes formaldehyde odor and filters PM2 5 automobile air purifier. This one has the functions of powerful purifier, except 99% substances, powerful purification, etc. specifically, how about this Philips automobile air purifier aca308 in the test process? Let's take a look at the user evaluation and the configuration introduction during 1998 (2) 009

▼ Philips/Philips aca308 on-board air purifier product parameters:

purification principle: HEPA filter activated carbon

brand: Philips/Philips

model: aca308

mute index: dB (a)

Color Classification: aca308 spare aca308 aca308 (standard with filter) send 3 more Aromatherapy Gift Packs (1296 yuan) aca308 (standard with filter) send 2 more filter gift packs (1399 yuan) aca308 (standard with filter) One more filter and three more Aromatherapy Gift Packs (1399 yuan)

air volume: cubic meter/hour

provides a wide range of utilization prospects for utilization on the pipeline

applicable space: cubic meter

power supply mode: cigarette lighter power supply

function: eliminate peculiar smell, filter dust and sterilization

▼ Philips/Philips aca308 on-board air purifier product evaluation:

@@ evaluation after half a month of use, It is specially used in two heavy haze days yesterday and today. Open the window and close the window after driving the machine for five minutes. When opening the window, it is displayed as a yellow light, and when closing the window, it becomes a blue light for up to two minutes. The function is really powerful. I feel that if it is not a heavy haze day, it may be turned on or a blue light. But when is the red light? Try not to close the window when there is heavy haze another day After nearly half a month, I feel the effect is still good. In the past, I encountered particularly severe haze weather. Even if I didn't turn on the external circulation in the car and only turned on the internal circulation, I still feel very choking in the car. Recently, I used a purifier. On haze days, I can obviously feel that the air in the car is different from that outside the car, which is relatively fresh. Previous page 12 next page

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