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Water pollution detonates the future market scale of China's water purifier industry, which may reach 100 billion

Wang Yang, a senior person in the water purifier industry, said: "the water purifier industry is moving from selling products to selling services. Now the industry is still on the eve of the outbreak, and the water purifier is expected to grow into a 100 billion market in the future." Water pollution is becoming increasingly serious, detonating China's water purifier market

last year, the domestic domestic domestic water purification equipment market scale was between 20billion and 30billion yuan, with a growth rate of 40% in the first half of this year, but at present, the market penetration rate of China's water purifiers is only between 3% and 5%

according to the 7th Shanghai International Water Exhibition and the 2nd China water purification industry summit, China's water purifier market will grow from 10 billion to 100 billion, and the product technology, competitive relationship and business model of enterprises will change

from water dispenser to water purifier

water purifier is the fastest-growing category in the household appliance industry, with a growth rate of 40% in the first half of this year. Zhen Shaoqiang, general manager of Midea life appliances division, said that the focus of competition at present is technological innovation

according to the data of zhongyikang, the market share of direct drinking machines and water purifiers with better water purification functions has been rising. From January to April 2014, the proportion of direct drinking machines and water purifiers in the retail volume of water appliances reached 7.1% and 19.4% respectively. The market share of traditional water dispensers and water purification buckets has seriously shrunk. By the end of this year, water purifiers will account for more than 30% of water appliances

among various water purification equipment, the proportion of reverse osmosis products exceeded that of ultrafiltration products for the first time in the first half of this year. Shi Ting, general manager of zhongyikang kitchen and bathroom appliances division, predicts that the proportion of reverse osmosis water purifiers will increase to 50% by the end of this year. Ge is also optimistic about the Chinese civil water purifier market. First of all, we need to know the prospect that the main component of wood flour is cellulose + lignin + hemicellulose. The previous day, the melting viscosity range of gketa spire KT (10) was 0 65kpa se water treatment and process treatment group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Hangzhou Haina Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd

ye Xiuyou, senior vice president of Qinyuan group, said that through technology, process and channel innovation, Qinyuan hopes to make the price of universal water purifiers less than 1000 yuan, which will be conducive to the promotion in the township market

from competition to competition and cooperation

the water purifier market is growing rapidly, attracting a lot of competitors. At this Shanghai International Water Exhibition, there are not only local brands of traditional drinking water purifiers such as Midea and Qinyuan, but also multinational companies such as a.o. Smith, GE and Yikou in the United States, as well as new market players such as TCL, Chunlan and Xinfei. According to rough estimation, there are about 3000 water purification equipment enterprises in the Chinese market

nevertheless, the market penetration rate of water purifiers in China is only 3%~5%, while the penetration rate of water purifiers in developed markets such as Europe, America, Japan and South Korea is mostly more than 70%

the first thing to do is to educate consumers and let them know what a good water purifier is, because it is difficult for the state to supervise thousands of enterprises. Zhen Shaoqiang said that when we communicated with TCL, Haier, Gree and others, we all felt the same. We thought this was a blue ocean. As soon as we came in, we found that we still need patience to do this market

Zhen Shaoqiang said that China's water pollution is serious, and water purifiers are just needed products. Consumers in the primary market have a strong awareness, but consumers in the township market have a weak awareness. Everyone wants a share. Although it will intensify competition, it is also conducive to jointly cultivate the market

ye Xiuyou believes that the water purifier industry has low threshold and uneven quality. Among the 3000 water purifier enterprises, only more than 200 have an annual sales revenue of more than 30million yuan, less than 20 have an annual sales revenue of more than 300million yuan, and less than 1billion yuan. The market is not standardized, and some enterprises have profiteering ideas and concept hype

yesterday, 32 leading enterprises in the water purification industry, including Qinyuan, Midea and a.o. Smith, jointly launched the self discipline convention of China's water purification industry at the second China water purification industry summit. Ye Xiuyou said that the national standard for China's water purifiers and filter elements jointly formulated by the industry said that it was expected to be published on August 1 this year based on the maximum force exerted by penetrating the gasket

ririshun water purification mall under Haier made public investment in this water exhibition, which also reflects the industry's shift from competition to competition and cooperation. Wang Yuefeng, general manager of ririshun water purification mall, said that they have used Haier's distribution, installation and store resources to build an o2o (online and offline integration) public platform for water purifier sales and services. At present, there are more than 70 partners

from selling products to selling services

unlike traditional household appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines, water purifiers have become operational products due to the need for follow-up services

the next competition is service. Ma Gang, general manager of domestic marketing of Midea life appliances, said that Midea's water purifiers have increased from less than 1000 service points nationwide last year to 3000; In addition, 1000 water purifier service vehicles have been added throughout the country

Midea also tried to launch a new sales model this year, such as giving away water purifiers. Users pay a service fee of 3000 yuan or 6000 yuan, and Midea will provide filter elements and replacement services within three years. It is understood that Abbott is also doing similar promotion

tcl proposed to release the T3 intelligent water purifier, which applies IOT technology to grasp the use status of the filter element in real time and remind users to replace the filter element in time. Intellectualization is one direction. In the future, water purifiers will be able to monitor water quality in real time and connect with the service background, so that enterprises can provide value-added services in time. Zhen Shaoqiang said

in ye Xiuyou's view, the intelligent water purifier needs the support of service network. The business model of water purifiers may change in the future. Consumers buy water purifiers from the first stage of high price purchase to the second stage of rational purchase, the third stage of trial products, use first and then buy, and the fourth stage may not need to buy, paid use. Now in the second and third stages, Qinyuan once pushed to use first and then buy, which has some effects

Wang Yang, a senior person in the water purifier industry, believes that the water purifier industry is moving from selling products to selling services. Now the industry is still on the eve of explosion, and the water purifier is expected to grow into a market of 100 billion in the future

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