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Waste woven bags "turn into" drainage pipes

Changjiang news a pile of old woven bags, so polyurethane waterproof paint has attracted much attention in the construction field. Woven bags can become a light and durable plastic pipe. Yesterday, the experience of Honghu technology company was affirmed by environmental protection experts at the Symposium on the establishment of "two oriented enterprises" in Hanyang District

Honghu technology company produces plastic water supply and drainage pipes, the main raw material of which is polypropylene. In recent years, with the rise in the price of oil, the price of polypropylene has also been rising. Honghu Technology Co., Ltd. cooperates with Wuhan Institute of chemical technology to independently develop the technology of making pipes from waste woven bags to make pipes with the same performance. The cost of "woven bag pipe" per ton is saved by more than 6000 yuan. Last year, the company saved more than 50 million yuan in costs, 180000 tons of oil, and 8000 tons of white pollution from woven bags, achieving "three wins" in economic, environmental and social benefits

there are many enterprises that "turn waste into treasure" in Hanyang District. Wuhan cigarette factory recovers cigarette powder from smoke and dust. Star high tech has made tobacco slices with the machine to overcome the shortcomings of the longitudinal load (tension) device of the original experimental machine; SUPOR converted coal-fired boilers to clean energy; Jianmin Pharmaceutical built its own sewage treatment station

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