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Paint enterprises: extending the service chain is the key to generating added value

paint enterprises: extending the service chain is the key to generating added value

December 4, 2015

[China paint information] a few days ago, paint enterprises issued the banner of "serving regular customers and painting for free", and sent their own painting workers to consumers' homes to paint for free. Not to mention the propaganda and hype motivation behind this activity, but it is really to think what consumers want and satisfy their needs, and to a certain extent, it also allows consumers to enhance their good impression of the brand itself

about this, I can't help thinking of a word: added value

free shipping? Buy

home delivery? Buy buy

buy one get one free? Buy buy


these situations are not uncommon in daily life, especially today when shopping is developed. In front of products of the same quality, businesses that can provide consumers with more needs often receive more favor

as the saying goes: customers are God, and putting the interests of customers first is the work that businesses need to do well. As an added value, it is often what customers desire. The added value is the value created through the effective labor food contact materials in the production process on the basis of the crude oil value of the product. See Figure 1 for the new national food safety standard system. In short, it is additional to the product itself, in addition to the value attributes that cannot be changed, and the realization of this added value is often linked through effective marketing means

and this added value is not just a simple gift distribution. As consumers tend to be rational in recent years, "discounts", "gifts" and "lottery" have become the "old three" of paint merchants, and the driving force of these small promotions is also getting weaker and weaker. Therefore, if coating enterprises want to become winners in the future, they must get rid of the original single promotion mode and constantly try new marketing modes

At present, the coating industry is affected by the general environment, especially in recent years, the market of the coating industry is not optimistic. Many coating enterprises and coating dealers are facing the problem of life and death, and some enterprises are in distress. But if you look closely at the major coating enterprises in the world, you will find that these enterprises are not shrinking, or even expanding; And not only pay attention to the product itself, but also pay more attention to "service". Service has become an important starting point for coating enterprises and dealers to win the hearts of consumers. Jinan experimental machine factory welcomes you

extending the service chain is the key to generating added value

1. Building a characteristic brand culture

China is a country with strong regional colors, and each region has its own local cultural characteristics. Starting from its own brand positioning and cultural background, combining cultural characteristics with products not only greatly improves the interest of consumer groups, but also puts a layer of cultural color on products, Make paint products more attractive among similar products

the brand goal of Chenyang water paint is to create a Chinese water paint brand, based on being a national paint brand, and has been focusing on the R & D, production and promotion of environmental friendly water paint, guiding the industry to accelerate the green transformation

2. The design needs to be full, the computer needs to receive digital signals, and there are various communication methods to meet consumer needs.

product or space design needs to meet consumer needs and potential desires, bring maximum use value and aesthetic value to consumers, and enhance the added value of products. "The most important thing in the research and design of products is to follow the space demands to push back the products, rather than research on the production line. After developing and designing excellent coatings, designers should also know how to integrate them organically into the overall space and create a harmonious atmosphere." A paint person said

a good product cannot be born by free thinking. For example, the "wonderful" high-tech products in the laboratory may not be what consumers need. Global coatings knows that the products needed by consumers often need to be investigated through project approval, then handed over to the R & D team for experiments, and then the finished products are put on the market. After market inspection, the products that meet the needs of the public can be regarded as the products needed by consumers

3. Diversified production meets individual demands

with the improvement of people's living standards, people are no longer satisfied with simple food and clothing, but pay more and more attention to the quality of life. If an enterprise cannot maintain the personality and characteristics of its products while diversifying its production, it is not enough to occupy a place in the market

the reality is that there are not many phenomena that "people search for 'it' for thousands of Baidu, and when they look back, it turns out to be you". It is normal for paint products to be stereotyped. When the paint industry develops to a certain stage, it is simply an inevitable result to fall into homogenization. However, paint enterprises urgently need to get out of the dilemma of homogenization. In the environment of vicious competition, paint enterprises can only break through homogenization by taking differentiated development. Therefore, paint enterprises need to carry out targeted product development and provide more personalized products according to market changes and consumer needs

nowadays, the requirements for environmental friendly water-based coatings are more and more strict. How to make diversified production on water-based products to meet the individual needs of consumer groups

4. Improve after-sales service and enhance competitiveness

in today's increasingly fierce market competition, coating enterprises can strengthen the contact with consumer terminals, analyze and discuss customer needs, constantly improve after-sales service, and provide consumers with more convenient and professional services from logistics, auxiliary materials, installation and other aspects, so as to make the product supply meet the demand and supply the demand

in 2011, Nippon launched a refresh service, which has continuously broken the record of signing bills since it was opened. The Shanghai refresh team has achieved a leap from zero to 10000, refreshing a better new life for tens of thousands of families. Adhering to the core concept of "don't do it yourself", Nippon refresh service provides free on-site inspection and reasonable construction scheme, and provides one-stop service to help consumers refresh a better life

nowadays, the competition in construction and other industries in the coating industry is as fierce as the "battlefield". The weak innovation and serious plagiarism of coating enterprises not only put enterprises in crisis, but also make dealers at a loss. How to better win more consumers has become a common problem that enterprises and businesses need to solve. If you think about what customers want, you may be able to win over some consumers. It is undoubtedly the best way to increase added value and improve service quality. But we can't forget that service is just a breakthrough. More new value-added methods of products are being developed, and the paint market still exists, just how to compete

at present, paint channels are increasingly diversified, but added value is still an important focus of enterprise competitiveness. Due to the semi-finished product attribute of paint products, there are many additional benefits that need to be used in the process of product sales. Therefore, paint enterprises should provide customers with the most complete and urgent additional benefits from the perspective of consumers, and letting consumers choose by themselves is the best code of conduct

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