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China's water purification market should prohibit the phenomenon of "making amends when the sheep are dead"

the water purification industry has been developing in China for nearly two decades. Although there has been no large-scale industry reshuffle in the past two decades, the waves have also "washed out" many brands that not only industry insiders know but also consumers know. Lisheng is one of the mid-term brands. Lisheng, established in 1992, is an enterprise specializing in water treatment science and technology research. It can be said that membrane technology we hope to clearly convey to the public that the new tax strategy is Lisheng's nuclear foam particle smart technology, and it is also the foundation of Lisheng's brand. In the "Tenth Five Year Plan" for tackling key scientific and technological problems, Lisheng successfully developed the "PVC alloy capillary ultrafiltration membrane", overcoming the world problem of industrialized production of high-quality ultrafiltration membrane with ordinary PVC materials, reducing the production cost and operating energy consumption of ultrafiltration membrane, improving the filtration performance and service life of ultrafiltration membrane, and effectively promoting the large-scale application of this technology in the traditional water treatment industry. This achievement has won the national "key new product certificate", the first prize of Hainan Province "science and technology award under small deformation conditions" and the first prize of "science and technology award of China Membrane Industry Association", reaching the world leading level. In the household water purification market, Lisheng also has a high prestige. The just past Shanghai WorldExpo has also greatly promoted the image of Lisheng brand among consumers. The recent "three noes" incident really made the dealers and consumers who are optimistic about rising sad. How can Lisheng, with such a high reputation, fall into the "three noes" event

Ms. Zhang, who lives in Huasheng century new town, Changsha, Hunan Province, accidentally found that the carbon rod used in the water purifier did not have any Chinese logo after the water leakage of the Lisheng water purifier at home, which was suspected to be a three no product. Ms. Tang, the person in charge of the distributor Changsha Poseidon water purification technology Co., Ltd., explained to why the carbon rod had no Chinese logo

the carbon rods used by Ms. Zhang's family are Lisheng's products specially for foreign trade export, which belong to the final list of foreign trade export products, and the quality is the same as that of domestic products. However, based on the doubts of users, the manufacturer has been asked to replace the surface logo of the products with Chinese, and now the products arriving are all Chinese logos

after on-site investigation and identification, Ms. Tang, the person in charge of Poseidon company, said she was willing to replace all the soaked wooden floors in the consumer's home, and the blistered ceiling, wallpaper and some furniture in Miss Xiao's downstairs home were also replaced. The cause of the sudden explosion of the water purifier has also been found. From the explosion position, it is that the joint between the water pipe and the carbon rod is broken by high water pressure, resulting in the ejection of the water pipe. (original quoted from legal weekly)

it has been a month since this time, and the incident has been well handled. But it brings us a lot of thinking

water purifiers should not be mended after death.

consumers buy water purifiers home in order to improve the quality of drinking water, but more and more water purifier water pipe burst events and after-sales of water purifier dealers are not perfect, or even no after-sales events occur. Let consumers lose confidence in the water purifier again and again. Losing the consumer means losing the market. Without the market net, why do you insert the 1 end of the test piece into the collet water purifier first? The "three noes" incident of Lisheng did happen by accident. According to the information broadcast by the existing media, there is a problem with the filter membrane that is not the original asset of Lisheng. But how can such a big brand like Lisheng make such a "mistake" as the "three noes" carbon rod

when working, the installation workers of vertical lift should measure the water pressure according to the regulations, and fill in the measurement data on the installation form of the manual. However, the workers saw that Ms. Zhang's home was equipped with a pressure reducing valve, so they did not measure the water pressure for the sake of convenience, and the water pressure in Ms. Zhang's home was actually far beyond the range of the water purifier, which eventually led to serious consequences

this rise can solve the loss caused to Ms. Li and her neighbors by the burst of the water purifier pipe afterwards, which is a good behavior to introduce the dead sheep and make up for the dead. But why wait for the "sheep" to die before thinking of the "prison" to be repaired

we really don't want to see the sheep mend after the sheep are gone. We hope to take more precautions. Only in this way can China's water purification industry have a more stable and rapid development

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