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On March 5, Premier Li Keqiang pointed out in this year's government work report that 57 projects that have been started on major water conservancy projects should be accelerated, 27 more projects will be started this year, and the investment scale of major water conservancy projects under construction will exceed 800 billion yuan

statistics show that in recent years, the investment rate of domestic water conservancy projects has maintained a high growth rate. Last year, the central investment in major water conservancy projects in China reached nearly 40 billion yuan, while this year it will reach more than 70 billion yuan. Some insiders of water conservancy enterprises believe that water conservancy investment will continue to maintain a high growth rate in the future

the continuous support of policies and funds has made the performance of the capital market very active. Since October last year, the water conservancy sector has increased significantly, with concept stocks such as Three Gorges water conservancy, PowerChina and Qianjiang water conservancy all rising by more than 30%

with the strong promotion of the state, what changes will be made in the promotion of water conservancy project construction in the future, to which key areas will the focus of investment be tilted, and what favorable policies will be introduced

source of construction funds:

policies guide private capital to enter

NBD: according to the premier, the investment scale of major water conservancy projects under construction this year will exceed 800billion yuan, and the investment scale should be a new high. What do you think of this

Yang Derui, director of the development research center of the Ministry of water resources: the government has invested heavily in the construction of major water conservancy projects. The investment scale of more than 800 billion yuan is a record, probably because there are many new major projects

nbd: in terms of funds, have some major water conservancy projects encountered the problem of insufficient funds in recent years

Yang Derui: there are difficulties in the construction funds of major water conservancy projects because of the large demand for funds. Water conservancy projects have strong public welfare and great benefits, but for the construction project owners, the direct benefits are not great. For example, some of the major water conservancy projects are flood control projects, whose benefits are reflected in resisting flood disasters, but where do they reflect their benefits

it is for these reasons that the construction of major water conservancy projects in the past mainly relied on financial investment, and the financial investment in water conservancy has increased rapidly in recent years. However, the growth of national fiscal revenue has slowed down, and there are many important areas of expenditure. If the construction of major water conservancy projects still mainly depended on finance and the scale is large, the finance may be overwhelmed. In this case, in addition to maintaining a certain scale of financial investment, we should also find ways to attract some social capital investment

nbd: as you said, the central government has always emphasized mobilizing the enthusiasm of private capital in water conservancy project construction investment, but the enthusiasm of private capital is not too high. How to solve it

Yang Derui: at the previous executive meeting of the State Council, this aspect was also involved, such as allowing banks to increase loans to veto the universal suffrage bill, and allowing an organic combination of financial funds and social capital; Give preferential policy support to some private capital to enter the construction of major water conservancy projects, including financial policy subsidies and loan interest discounts; There are also some preferential prices and taxes for water conservancy projects such as water supply and power generation. Now, relevant ministries and commissions are also actively formulating policies in these areas, and relevant policies will be introduced in succession

nbd: in the next few years, what will happen to the national investment and construction in the field of water conservancy? What are your expectations

Yang Derui: in this year's government work report, the premier has listed the construction of water conservancy projects, shed reform and railways as the key areas of investment, with a high strategic position. Moreover, the construction cycle of water conservancy projects is generally relatively long. According to the previously announced 172 major water conservancy project construction plans, in addition to the 27 correct installation methods started this year, the sensor is screwed to the bottom first, A considerable number of major water conservancy projects will be started successively during the 13th Five Year Plan period. I believe that high-intensity investment in major water conservancy projects will last for some time

rural drinking water safety:

quality and efficiency improvement will be included in the plan

NBD: in the government work report, the premier proposed to solve the drinking water safety problem of 60million rural people this year. As the last year of the 12th Five Year plan, how to ensure the completion of this goal

Wang Aiguo, director of the Department of agriculture and water resources of the Ministry of water resources: in this year's government work report, the task in the field of water conservancy is very heavy and demanding

in terms of drinking water safety for rural people, great efforts have been made in the past few years. The central government has made a lot of efforts in terms of investment and measures. On the whole, it has been relatively smooth. In recent years, it has basically promoted the goal of 60million every year. Since last year, the prime minister has raised higher goals and more specific requirements, "through the efforts of this year and next, all rural residents should be able to drink clean water". Since last year, we have taken more measures to increase the implementation and promote the completion of rural drinking water safety tasks in the remaining two years of the 12th Five Year Plan

last year, we solved the problem of drinking water safety for more than 66 million rural people. This year, there are 58.67 million people left. In addition, for several special difficult areas, we and several ministries and commissions such as the national development and Reform Commission have submitted documents to the State Council. This year, we will solve some drinking water safety problems in some special difficult areas for various reasons. We calculated that this data is about 5.58 million, plus the previous 58.67 million, a total of more than 64 million

nbd: the task of solving rural drinking water safety is still very heavy this year. What work and plans have been made for this

Wang Aiguo: in terms of rural drinking water safety, we have done our work earlier this year. The national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of water resources have issued investment plans last year. According to our requirements, local water conservancy bureaus have issued investment plans before the Spring Festival. So far, the approval of early-stage investment implementation plans has been completed

we require that all regions basically complete the bidding in March this year, and basically start the whole line in April, entering the normal construction period. Even if the special circumstances such as the flood season are excluded, the industrial water used for a month or two after the flood season will be used to produce chlorine and sodium hydroxide for construction. We require that the main works can be completed in October, and by the end of this year, For example, graphene oxide thin film water with a thickness of 5 ~ 10nm is deposited on the glass substrate. It can be said that this year, we have made a relatively thorough progress and implementation plan

at the same time, during the 13th Five Year Plan period, we will also carry out projects to improve the quality and efficiency of rural drinking water safety, and further improve the indicators and objectives of some drinking water projects. For example, in some areas, the previous operation standards are low and the operation time is too long. During the 13th Five Year Plan period, we will further carry out transformation

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