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The waste utilization transformation presents a soft plastic melting chandelier

beautiful soft shape, and I like it at first sight. Can you imagine that they are transformed through waste utilization? It seems that turning waste into treasure is really possible in all countries, and 8. Result comparison: multiple experimental characteristic curves can be superimposed, reproduced, amplified and displayed in different colors, and a group of samples can be analyzed and compared; And it's amazing. The designer collected some waste plastic in the home and then melted it and fixed it in a special mold. After the special cooling process, the shape outside the chandelier was formed. These strange shapes seemed to be still flowing. Each time it was cold, it was simple and convenient, but the shape came out was unique. With the blending of various colors, it was very soft and beautiful. The designer turned on the main motor source of the experimental machine to turn waste into treasure, and also called on us to change and make life better

plastic melting chandelier 1

plastic melting chandelier 2

plastic melting chandelier 3

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