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Aquatech China2009 international water treatment exhibition of WorldExpo water industry opens

Aquatech China 2009 international water treatment exhibition, which is famous for 46 years in the world, will be grandly opened in Shanghai Exhibition Center with a new realm and face on June, 2009. The scale of this exhibition is 22000 square meters. At that time, 500 enterprises from 30 countries will participate in the exhibition, and a veritable "WorldExpo" of the water industry will appear in advance

aquatech international water treatment exhibition entered China in 2008, which emerged in many similar domestic exhibitions to prevent the purchase of fake 15 experimental sand sold by criminals, and attracted the high attention of insiders. Aquatechhina2009 international water treatment exhibition will guide the future direction of China's water industry from a more international perspective and build the most professional exchange platform for global water industry technology. This water exhibition comprehensively covers the cutting-edge exhibits of the whole industrial chain of the water treatment industry, and will present the best and most comprehensive water treatment solutions to the audience. The exhibitors will not only provide comprehensive maintenance services for users all over the country, but also the most advanced municipal water supply and drainage treatment technology and equipment, industrial water purification and wastewater treatment technology. They will also display technologies such as civil water purification and soft water, which are closely related to human health, and comprehensively show the latest development of the water industry

according to the organizer, aquatechhina2009 international water treatment exhibition will display the world's leading brands in the field of water industry: from world-class water investment and engineering companies, Veolia Water, deliman technology, etc; World pump giants I.T of the United States, Caspian pump, etc; Parker environmental protection, Italy's bayares, Peco environmental protection, etc., leading enterprises in sewage treatment; Brand fluid machinery enterprises, such as Germany Baodi, the United States Borley, Denmark Danfoss, etc; Cutting edge membrane technology manufacturers Ge, Dow Chemical, noriter, Asahi chemical, innovative membrane, Maynard, Korea, etc; Automation control and water treatment instrument and equipment suppliers abb, American Hashi, British Haomai, German Ouma, etc; Go to the end water purifier enterprises Yikou water purification in the United States, irell in the United States and Mitsubishi in Japan and pay attention to inspecting Liyang, Midea, Qinyuan, angel, kaineng environmental protection, etc. Visitors can learn about the latest scientific and technological achievements in the water industry through one-stop visit

in addition, aquatechhina2009 international water treatment exhibition has received the full support of exhibition groups from the United States, the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom, Israel and other countries, and the American Water Quality Association WQA also organized industry-leading enterprises to participate. Visitors will not only understand the experience and technology of countries in the professional field of water industry, but also appreciate the style of water industry enterprises represented by countries

the "WorldExpo" of water industry brings together water from all countries to avoid severe vibration, which will affect the accuracy of experimental machines. Classic enterprises and the latest technology exhibits in the industry. Aquatechhina2009 international water treatment exhibition opens the door for China to understand the world's industry and technology. This water show has also won the favor of many overseas institutions and relevant domestic government departments. The U.S. consulate, the American Water Quality Association, the International Water Association, the international ultraviolet Association, the International Ozone Association, the Shanghai Drainage Association and other enthusiastic participants in organizing exhibition groups or seminars have also made this water show have a stronger appeal and influence

"Better City, better life" is the theme of the 2010 Shanghai WorldExpo. Obviously, a better life cannot be achieved without the important resource of "water". Industry insiders said that the grand opening of aquatechhina2009 international water treatment exhibition, the "WorldExpo" of the water industry, will provide a rare communication platform for the domestic water industry, and it will also be a World Expo that cannot be missed for people in the water industry

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