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Water conservancy construction market demand is booming

Guide: qiaoshishan, machinery bureau of the Ministry of water resources, water conservancy is the infrastructure of national economic development. After the 1998 flood, water conservancy construction is facing an unprecedented good situation and development opportunities. The construction machinery industry should seize the opportunity to show its skills and make great achievements in the future water conservancy construction

water conservancy is the infrastructure of national economic development. After the 1998 flood, the construction of water resources is facing an unprecedented good situation and development opportunities. The construction machinery industry should seize the opportunity to show its talents in the future water conservancy construction

I. planning and main tasks of water conservancy construction during the Tenth Five Year Plan period and the next ten years

it is estimated that during the Tenth Five Year Plan period, the total investment in national water conservancy development and construction is about 530billion yuan, of which the central investment is about 270billion yuan

During the Tenth Five Year Plan period, while completing the construction of embankments for large rivers and rivers that meet the standards, we should comprehensively pay attention to the construction of six major water conservancy projects: first, the construction of flood prevention projects including embankment construction, Water Conservancy Pivot construction, reinforcement of dangerous reservoirs, urban flood control and flood storage and detention areas; Second, water resources development and utilization projects including water transfer, storage, diversion and lifting; Third, irrigation and drainage and water-saving projects focusing on the transformation of large and medium-sized irrigation areas; Fourth, water and soil conservation ecological construction projects and water resources protection projects; Fifth, the water conservancy poverty alleviation project focusing on solving the water supply and power supply in poor mountainous areas; Sixth, water conservancy

is stopping the accuracy alignment of equipment

Science and technology, management modernization project

the following describes the relevant engineering construction plans closely related to the construction machinery industry

(I) flood control works

1 Governance of large rivers and lakes. The focus is to strengthen the construction of river basin control flood control projects, build high-standard embankments, do a good job in dike foundation seepage prevention and bank collapse treatment, dredge rivers and lakes, and remove silt and obstacles

(1) pay close attention to the construction of river basin control backbone projects. Yangtze River Basin: build the lake

nanjiangya water control project, continue to build the Three Gorges water control project, Anhui port bay water reservoir, build water control projects such as Zipingpu in Minjiang River, Sichuan, Liaofang in Jiangxi, Lishui soap city in Dongting Lake, Hunan, and Hubei Danjiangkou Reservoir heightening project. Yellow River Basin: build

Xiaolangdi and Wanjiazhai Water conservancy projects, build Xixiayuan, Longkou and other water conservancy projects,

build Qikou, Daliushu and other water conservancy projects in 2010. Huaihe River Basin: continue to build Huaihong

Xinhe River and Yishu Sihong water diversion project to the East and the south, and build water channels into the sea, linhuaiganghong

water control projects, etc. Haihe River Basin: strengthen Miyun, Yuecheng, Huangbizhuang and other dangerous reservoirs, and build Beijing urban flood control backbone projects. Pearl River Basin: build Feilaixia

water control project, build Youjiang Baise, Xijiang Datengxia water control project and other backbone projects, and build Xijiang Longtan water control project in 2010. Taihu Lake Basin: complete the construction of 10 backbone projects such as Wangyu River, Taipu River and Hangjia Hunan drainage. Songhua River and Liaohe River Basins: continue to build Baishi Reservoir in Daling River, build Nenjiang Nierji Water Conservancy Pivot, and build hada mountain and Shifosi water conservancy projects in 2010

(2) embankment construction. The main embankments of major rivers should be able to defend against 100 year flood

water. The key point is to strengthen and heighten the embankments of the main streams of large rivers, set up anti-seepage facilities on the foundation and the body of the embankments, use concrete, block stones, geotextiles, etc., protect the foundation of the embankments and the adjacent water surface, and set a wave wall on the top of the embankments

(3) River and lake regulation and dredging works. The key point is to dredge the river sections, estuaries and lake areas with serious siltation of the river

the Great Lakes in combination with dike reinforcement, and make

key bayonets that affect flood discharge, so as to inhibit the siltation and elevation of the river. In the past three years, only the rivers and lakes need to be dredged by 600million cubic meters. At the same time of dredging, it is also necessary to renovate the important node projects and dangerous sections that affect the change of river regime

2. Control of other rivers. Including independent river management and seawall construction,

small and medium-sized river management and international river management

3. Reinforcement of dangerous reservoirs. Among the 86000 reservoirs of various types in China, 30% are large reservoirs

medium and dangerous reservoirs, and about 35% are small and medium-sized reservoirs. In the recent period, 220 key dangerous reservoirs that are subordinate to the Ministry, cross provinces (cities, districts) and affect the safety of large and medium-sized cities and major transportation

trunk lines have been reinforced. In 2010, the reservoir was basically eliminated

4. Construction of urban flood control works. Especially important cities should be able to resist the flood with a 200 year return period, important cities should be able to resist the flood with a 100 ~ 200 year return period,

medium-sized cities should be able to resist the flood with a 50 ~ 100 year return period, and general cities should be able to resist the flood with a 20 ~ 50 year return period

(II) water resources development and utilization project

1 Focus on the construction of a number of new water resources development and utilization projects such as water storage, water transfer, water diversion and water lifting. In the near future, the Dongshen Water Supply Reconstruction and expansion project, Xinjiang's large-scale projects such as the diversion of Eji

to Uzbekistan, Ningxia's poverty alleviation and Yellow River Diversion, and Wudu water diversion will be constructed, and conditions will be actively created for the construction of the South-to-North Water diversion project. In 2010, the Northeast north-south water diversion project, Gansu water diversion project, and Anhui water diversion project will be constructed

2. Accelerate the development of hydropower resources. By 2005, the water conservancy system will increase the installed capacity of hydropower by 10million kW, and build, consolidate and improve 600 Rural Hydropower primary electrification counties

3. 6000 township water supply projects were built, with a new daily water supply capacity of 30million

tons, basically solving the drinking water difficulties of rural people and livestock

(III) water saving project

the focus is to develop water-saving agriculture. By 2005, 1.4 billion mu of water-saving irrigation area will be added. Vigorously build water-saving irrigation projects, vigorously promote water-saving irrigation technology, speed up the construction of Canal Anti-seepage lining and water transmission pipelines, and develop sprinkler irrigation and micro irrigation according to local conditions

(IV) water and soil conservation ecological construction and water resources protection project

the focus is to control the area of water and soil loss and protect the water environment in line with the national standard. By 2005, the area of water and soil loss control in the whole country will be 250000 square kilometers, including 50000 square kilometers of the Yangtze River and 50000 square kilometers of the Yellow River

Second, during the "Tenth Five Year Plan" period and the next ten years, the demand for construction machinery in water conservancy construction

looking ahead

according to the survey of typical projects, although the water is on stage for less than two years, the service life of the project will be less than the design service life. In the design, the cost of building materials accounts for 10% of the project investment, and the cost of machinery accounts for about 30%. Judging from the situation in recent years, the mechanization of water conservancy construction has increased year by year. Water conservancy construction has significantly increased the demand for general equipment such as soil and stone construction machinery, concrete construction machinery, dredging machinery, etc., such as excavators, loaders, bulldozers, scrapers, concrete mixing stations (machines), etc. At the same time, the construction of water conservancy projects also requires a large number of special engineering machinery adapted to the characteristics of flood prevention and rescue and water conservancy construction, such as deep-water desilting machine, light fast pile driver, cut-off wall construction machinery, slope compactor, rolling concrete machinery, etc. In addition, because the construction of water conservancy projects has higher requirements on the safety and reliability of equipment and strict requirements on quality, it will also put forward new and higher requirements on the performance, quality and reliability of construction machinery products used in water conservancy construction

In combination with the tenth five year plan, the machinery bureau of the Ministry of water resources has put forward technologies and equipment that should be supported and developed, many of which involve the construction machinery industry

1. Flood control and rescue machinery and equipment: track the advanced technology of international flood control equipment, and develop construction machinery and equipment suitable for the special requirements of emergency rescue in flood season. It should have the characteristics of simple operation, light and flexible, lax power requirements, and easy to use in poor road conditions, weather, environment and other bad conditions. The best

is an assembled and building block structure, which is convenient for on-site transportation and installation, such as light fast

pile driver, mobile soil bagging machine, cage weaving and throwing machine, super long telescopic boom

excavator, fast plugging equipment, multi-functional rescue ship, flood fighting and rescue command vehicle

(ship), etc

2. Special mechanical equipment and instruments for dike reinforcement and dangerous reservoir reconstruction: mainly to strengthen the research and development of

special construction machinery required for dike foundation treatment machinery, dike reinforcement construction and dangerous reservoir reconstruction, and provide complete services. In particular, the high-efficiency ultra-thin continuous anti-seepage wall construction machinery with a wall depth of

greater than 30 meters, a thin wall thickness (about 30 cm), and a low project cost, and the geosynthetics construction machine

machinery (for laying, connecting, and other construction), etc

3. River dredging machinery: in view of the large number of rivers, lakes and reservoirs in China, which vary in water regime, climate, geological and geographical conditions, siltation, etc., it is necessary to develop and produce a series of mechanical dredging equipment with complete categories, varieties and specifications. The key is to develop large dredgers with high concentration, high efficiency, large conveying distance and the ability to automatically monitor and display the digging ability, as well as deep-water desilting machines, environmental protection desilting technology and water surface floating debris removal equipment

4. Farmland water conservancy construction machinery focusing on water-saving irrigation: in order to cooperate with the development of high production, high quality, high efficiency and water-saving agriculture, we should focus on the research and development of various water-saving irrigation equipment, such as; Ditch construction machinery such as ditch trenching, slope repair, continuous lining machinery, small tunnel rock drill, marsh treatment construction machinery, water-saving irrigation equipment, especially to speed up the digestion and absorption of key technologies of reel type sprinkler irrigation machine

5. Large scale water conservancy construction technology and equipment: the focus is on the research and development of large-scale channel excavation and lining technology and equipment and complete set of concrete construction technology

(1) for the construction of key projects such as the South-to-North Water Transfer Project, develop various types of low lift and high flow water pumps, shield machines and their supporting systems, large cross-section channel lining

masonry machinery, bucket wheel excavators (50m/h, for channel excavation), and tunneling


(2) research and development of artificial sand preparation machine, finished sand and stone dehydration and drying equipment,

super large pre cooled concrete mixing plant (360m/h), concrete rapid distribution tower

belt conveyor and tire belt conveyor, three graded concrete delivery pump, concrete side unloading, rolling

complete equipment for concrete dam building, etc

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