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Water paint ushers in the era of water-based silicone resin

water paint ushers in the era of water-based silicone resin

May 12, 2020

in the environment of environmental protection, the hydration of domestic coatings is developing at an unprecedented speed, and the layout of the coating industry is accelerating "hydration". Compared with solvent based coatings, water-based coatings can save a lot of resources, eliminate potential safety hazards, improve the working environment of construction workers, reduce air pollution, and be more conducive to human health. In addition, the performance of water-based coatings is no worse than that of solvent based coatings. The effect after construction is more natural and rich. It is a highlight in the history of "coatings" with a large number of inorganic materials, and it is also a well deserved favorite coating in today's coating industry

with the emergence of a series of resins such as waterborne polyurethane, waterborne alkyd resin, waterborne epoxy, waterborne fluorocarbon, and waterborne silicone, the types and properties of waterborne coatings have been greatly enriched, especially the advent of solvent-free waterborne coatings, which solves the problem of ensuring the function of waterborne coatings in the absence of solvents, and can be safely constructed even in a closed environment. Among many kinds of coatings, silicone coatings have received extensive attention because of their special properties

overview of silicone resin coating

silicone resin coating is a kind of elemental organic coating, referred to as silicone coating, with silicone resin or modified silicone resin as the main film-forming material. Elemental organic coatings are the general term of coatings with elemental organic polymers as the main film-forming substances, including organosilicon, organic titanium, organic fluorine, organic aluminum, organic zirconium coatings, etc. Among them, the output of silicone resin coating is the largest. Elemental organic coating is a kind of compound between organic polymer and inorganic compound. It has special thermal stability, insulation, high temperature resistance, chemical resistance, water resistance, weather resistance and other characteristics. It is widely used in national defense industry, electrical industry and other industries

organosilicon generally refers to polysiloxane with -si-o-si-primary key and organic side chain. Because the main chain of polysiloxane is -si-o-si- structure, it has the properties of inorganic silicon dioxide, such as safety, reliability, non toxicity, no pollution, no corrosion, aging resistance and long service life; Because the side chain contains organic groups, it has the characteristics of flexibility and easy processing of polymer materials. Organosilicon coating is a coating with organosilicon polymer or organosilicon modified polymer as the main film-forming material, which has excellent characteristics of heat and cold resistance, electrical insulation, corona resistance, radiation resistance, humidity resistance, hydrophobicity, weather resistance, stain resistance and chemical corrosion resistance

solvent free pure silicone lotion and waterborne silicone special function coating

silicone resin has excellent thermal oxidation stability, weather resistance, electrical insulation, hydrophobicity and corrosion resistance. It has been widely used in high and low temperature insulation paint, special coating, adhesive, film plastic, etc. However, at present, organic compounds such as aromatics and alcohols are mainly used as solvents in silicone resin high and low temperature resistant insulating paint, silicone waterproof paint and special paint, which will produce a large amount of VOC (volatile organic compounds) and cause great harm to the environment and human body. Therefore, the hydration of silicone resin is the current research hotspot and development trend

Andreas Stuber, general manager of waterborne AKRO plastic, believes that the Chinese automotive market is still growing. Silicone is a silicone lotion that hydrates silicone and uses water as the dispersion medium. At present, it is widely used in silicone modified coatings, such as silicone modified acrylic lotion, silicone modified polyurethane lotion, silicone modified polyester lotion, etc. 1. Silicone, a common kind of universal material testing machine, is introduced into traditional polymer lotion, It can enhance its aging resistance, waterproof, high and low temperature resistance, hardening and other properties. In the process of lotion polymerization, organosilicon links are introduced into the molecular structure of polymer. The commonly used organosilicon precursors are silane coupling agents, such as silane coupling agent 171560570, etc. These silane coupling agents are all trifunctional alkoxy structures. In the aqueous phase system, alkoxy groups are hydrolyzed into hydroxyl groups, which are further dehydrated and condensed to form a cross-linking structure. When the degree of cross-linking is too large, it will affect the stability of lotion, It causes gel and cannot be used, so there is a certain limit on the amount of silane coupling agent, which is generally 1~10%. If the amount is too small, the modification effect is not obvious, and if the amount is too large, it will affect the stability of lotion. The limit of the amount determines that the effect of silicon modification is limited, even not obvious

in addition, silane coupling agent has hydrolysis reaction in the aqueous phase, and low molecular alcohols such as methanol and ethanol are flammable and toxic components. For water-based coatings, it is VOC, and VOC is the index of strict control of water-based coatings. Therefore, the water-based coatings modified by silane coupling agent cannot fundamentally solve the problem of low VOC and zero VOC, which will eventually limit the application

the industrialization of solvent-free pure silicone resin lotion just solves the above problems. Solvent-free pure silicone resin is a solid silicone resin synthesized by pre hydrolysis and condensation of silane coupling agent. The solid silicone resin does not contain alkoxy groups, avoiding the release of alcohols in use. Then, a special emulsification process is adopted to evenly disperse the solid silicone resin in water to form a stable lotion. Solvent free pure silicone resin not only avoids the introduction of solvent, but also avoids the release of by-product solvent, and fundamentally achieves green environmental protection and zero VOC

in terms of application, solvent-free pure silicone lotion can be miscible with lotion such as acrylic lotion, polyurethane lotion, polyester lotion, alkyd lotion, fluorocarbon lotion, wax lotion, etc. in any proportion. It does not need special production processes. It can be used as long as it is evenly dispersed, and will not form gel or demulsification. The unlimited introduction of silicone components can maximize the performance of silicone, Both silicon modified coatings and modified silicon coatings can be prepared, giving full consideration to the performance of both

solvent free pure silicone lotion can also be directly used as varnish, and can be directly used in occasions with high transparency requirements, such as wood paint. While not covering the surface morphology, lines and even gloss of the substrate, it has higher hardness, water resistance and stain resistance than the existing acrylic lotion and polyurethane Lotion, and has been successfully applied to concrete, stone, rock wool, clay, wood, paper, cultural relics Waterproof protection such as metal and external wall coverings such as water in water (sand) and real stone paint

solvent free pure silicone lotion retains the properties of solvent-based silicone resin, and can also prepare special functional coatings, such as silicone heat-resistant coating, silicone weather resistant coating, silicone insulation coating, silicone elastic coating, silicone waterproof coating, etc. today, with higher and higher requirements for environmental protection, water-based special functional coatings undoubtedly have a broader development space

the solvent-free pure silicone lotion can be made into room temperature curing or heating curing. It can be made into a two-component system or a single component system, which can be used directly or in combination. It is fundamentally healthy, environmental friendly, green and efficient. It is a great innovation of water-based coatings. The solvent-free pure silicone lotion has promoted the rapid development of water-based coatings, It can be said without modesty that water paint has ushered in the era of water-based silicone resin

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