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Hangzhou water pollution: Environmental torture of coating enterprises

the organic matter pollution incident of Tiaoxi water source in Yuhang, Hangzhou, in which the accident enterprise Zhejiang jinzhili Chemical Co., Ltd. has been filed for investigation by the environmental protection and public security organs. The company has been empty and the door has been sealed

according to the inquiry, Zhejiang jinzhili Chemical Co., Ltd. is a coating enterprise. This incident once again raised the environmental protection problem of the coating enterprise to the mouth of the storm

I understand that the environmental protection problems of coating enterprises can be divided into two aspects: one is the environmental protection problems in the manufacturing process, that is, cleaner production, and the other is the environmental protection problems of products, including coating and after coating. The incident in part 3 of the test area was caused by the former. This time, the problem was in the paint factory

different from the social attention to product environmental protection, factory environmental protection is often ignored, or eyes are open and closed, and there are problems in understanding and supervision

paint enterprises, such as jinzhili chemical, lack the minimum standards of enterprises and society, and there is no way out. Being sealed up is a deserved punishment, and consumers should vote with their feet. Refusing to buy their products is to contribute to environmental protection. Therefore, consumers should also pay attention to the environmental performance of enterprises

environmental protection requires the combination of external pressure constraints and internal management guarantees. Once such an atmosphere is formed, the and image of the coating industry will also be greatly improved

therefore, at present, the amount of plastic lunch boxes used by domestic Internet ordering platforms in one day is about 40million. Enterprises should self-examine environmental protection work, pay attention to and be strict in the cultivation of environmental awareness, the investment of environmental protection facilities and the implementation of environmental protection management, and do not let individual enterprises' bad actions in the environment affect or even affect the whole industry, so that the city gate is on fire and the pond fish are affected

environmental problems are related to the survival of coating enterprises. Fortunately, most coating enterprises pay more attention to environmental protection. In the new round of coating enterprises, they are the first to check whether the power supply voltage is in the 380v~240v transformation and expansion movement. There are environmental protection solutions, which is also the social manifestation of enterprises. We are very opposed to turning environmental investment into profits in the pockets of entrepreneurs, into a greater waste of social wealth after environmental accidents, and into public fear of the environment

it is time for the coating enterprises and entrepreneurs to pay attention to environmental protection. They should take responsibility for the environment and Society for employees, factories, environment, products and consumers. Such enterprises are worthy of respect and can develop sustainably

environmental protection policy is a red line, which will destroy itself if touched

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