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On September 22, 2017, the first domestic water paint Expo and water paint Festival series activities were grandly opened in the Olympic family hall of the bird's nest in Beijing National Stadium. Please dip a steel brush in gasoline to clean the bird's nest. More than 300 upstream and downstream enterprises of water paint from all over the country participated in the grand ceremony. Under the background of the strong rise of domestic brands, domestic water paint brands collectively appeared in the bird's nest, which will become another milestone in the green transformation of China's paint industry

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it is reported that this water paint Expo, with the theme of "environmental protection, integration, docking, water-based", has gathered hundreds of coating and upstream and downstream industry enterprises, together with guests and experts from various fields of industry, University, research and government. It is best to find a machine clothes photo when not in use and participate in the two-day Expo and water paint festival activities

water paint enterprises collectively appear in the bird's nest, and domestic brands have a strong momentum of rise.

at the Opening Forum of the water paint Expo on the morning of September 22, relevant leading experts from the China chemical industry society, the China water based paint industry strategic alliance, the China water paint research institute, the petrochemical and chemical division of the raw materials department of the Ministry of industry and information technology and other departments delivered speeches. During the exhibition, relevant experts also made an in-depth interpretation of China's first blue book on industrial development of water paint industry - "blue book on application, evaluation and promotion standards of water paint"

according to the data, in 2016, the production and sales of 1358 furniture coating enterprises nationwide increased by about 7.2%, while the production and sales of water paint achieved 100%. As of the first half of 2017, about 70% of the projects under construction, put into production and planned construction in the coating industry were water paint

industry response control analysts believe that in the future, some manufacturers in the current market will continue to increase the intensity of policy supervision, give preferential treatment to energy-saving and environmental protection products, make environmental protection and health become the mainstream of consumption, and the prosperity of the water paint market is just around the corner, which is bound to become a broad blue ocean in the field of painting in China

water paint enterprises collectively appear in bird's nest. Domestic brands have a strong momentum of rise

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it is reported that since the coating industry was listed in the key remediation areas by the action plan for the prevention and control of air pollution issued by the State Council, the corresponding consumption tax, sewage charge and other policies have begun to have an impact on the coating industry and the upstream and downstream industrial chain. Most paint manufacturers have focused on the research and development of new products on low VOCs and environment-friendly paint products, especially the research and development of water paint. It is generally acknowledged that the paint industry will usher in the "water paint era"

before the introduction of relevant policies, the data showed that the promotion and use of water paint in China was not optimistic. In the construction industry, the annual use of water paint accounted for about% of the total output of paint, which was far lower than the international average level; In the household industry, water-based wood paint accounts for about 5% after 20 years of promotion

water paint enterprises collectively appear in bird's nest. Domestic brands have a strong momentum of rise

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as a new thing in the domestic coating market, more enterprises and ordinary people need to know water paint. To this end, Chenyang water paint and other major domestic water paint manufacturers competed to release their new products at the Expo

at the new product launch, Chenyang water paint, the "first brush for environmental protection" of the National Stadium Bird's nest, was just launched. This time, the bird's nest series of water paint was jointly launched with the bird's nest, which attracted strong attention from the on-site audience. Consulting and purchasing consumers almost crowded the enterprise's booth

behind the release of a series of new products is the promotion of market consumption choices. At the same time, it is also the increasing attention of the coating industry to scientific and technological innovation, which is a typical example of supply side reform driven by scientific and technological innovation

with the steady development of China's economy, the growth rate of the coating industry as a whole has shown a trend of slowing down, stabilizing and improving. The collective appearance of domestic water paint in bird's nest shows that promoting transformation and development through environmental protection has become the consensus of the industry, and the rise of domestic brands will further accelerate the integration and upgrading of the industry

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