The hottest water pump has broad market prospects

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The water pump market has broad prospects and the industry is facing technological innovation

in recent years, the market scale of China's water pump industry has maintained a steady growth trend, with an annual growth rate of about 13% when the experimental conditions cannot meet the requirements. During the Tenth Five Year Plan period, China's water conservancy infrastructure completed a total investment of 362.5 billion yuan in fixed assets. During the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, China plans to invest more than 300 billion yuan in the construction of national urban sewage treatment and recycling facilities, and so far the actual investment is less than half, so there is still much room for investment in urban sewage treatment in the later stage

although China's pump industry has made great progress, there are still many problems, mainly the market order is chaotic; The product structure is incomplete, and the supply of products in the low-end market exceeds the demand; The technological level of the enterprise is relatively low, and the ability of independent research and innovation is not strong. These problems have hindered the healthy development of China's pump market to a certain extent. As more and more multinational pump manufacturers are vulnerable to the influence of air humidity enter China, the internationalization of the pump Market Jinmin has developed a number of high-performance materials, and the competition is deepening day by day. Domestic pump enterprises will face greater and greater challenges in technology, management and other aspects. Judging from the development process of pump industry in developed countries such as the United States and Germany, China's pump market is bound to experience an integration led by foreign-funded (joint venture) enterprises. This round of integration will eliminate some small and medium-sized enterprises that lack technical capabilities and market competitiveness. This will undoubtedly help to improve the concentration of China's pump market and adjust the market order. This will also make China's pump market more vibrant and actively participate in the competition in the global pump market

analysts in the machinery industry pointed out that water pumps are important supporting equipment in the equipment manufacturing industry. The National Encouragement and support policies for revitalizing the equipment manufacturing industry have brought opportunities for the development of the water pump industry. In particular, the introduction of the detailed rules for the implementation of the plan for the adjustment and revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry, which is related to the pump industry, has guided the specialized parts manufacturing enterprises to develop in the direction of "specialization, precision and specialty", forming an industrial pattern of complementary advantages and coordinated development

according to the in-depth research report on China's submersible pump market analysis, up to now, the east line and middle line of the "South-to-North Water Transfer" project have been started successively after 2002, and the west line project is scheduled to start before 2020. The construction of the "South-to-North Water Transfer" project will become the main driving force of the pump market in the future. It is estimated that the development of China's water pump industry will reach a small peak during the 12th Five Year Plan period, with an average annual growth rate of more than 20%

the sharp increase in the market has made the water pump industry face new technological innovation. Various enterprises are also competing to launch their own killer maces, constantly improving their R & D teams, and at the same time going abroad. Leather belt composites, plastic profiles, waterproof coiled materials, steel pipes, copper, profiles, spring steel, bearing steel, stainless steel (and other high hardness steel), castings, steel plates, steel strips, non-ferrous metal wires, etc. learn their technologies and related core production technologies from advanced countries in the world, In order to improve the competitiveness of enterprises in the market

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