The hottest water chestnut may be the staple food

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The further development of Lingjiao or the staple food of the ancient people also needs the help of food machinery and equipment

Abstract: for office workers, the working day after the Tomb Sweeping Day holiday is particularly long. However, it is the old farmers in the fields who are busier than the office workers. As the saying goes, "plant melons and beans before and after the Qingming Festival". The harvest achievement of this year requires labor during the period before and after the Qingming Festival

Guide: according to archaeological findings, water chestnut has existed in people's lives for thousands of years, but its fresh eating attribute is consistent. The use of multi-functional shelling machine, vacuum packaging machine, vacuum frying equipment, etc. can make water chestnut greatly changed

for office workers, the working day after the Tomb Sweeping Day holiday is particularly long. However, it is the old farmers in the fields who are busier than the office workers. As the saying goes, "plant melons and beans before and after the Qingming Festival". The harvest achievement of this year requires labor during the period before and after the Qingming Festival. Cucumber, sweet potato, ginger and water chestnut all need to be sown and cultivated during this period. It coincides with today's observation that through the comparative measurement of water chestnut unearthed at the site, the associate professor of the Department of culture and Museum of Zhejiang University found that human intervention in the growth of water chestnut can be traced back to the Hemudu culture period. This research result indicates that there may be a great difference between the staple food of ancient people and today, and it is highly possible for people to try to domesticate water chestnut as a staple food

in the south of China, especially in the Yangtze River, the measurement system needs to collect two types of data: fast vibration signal and slow temperature signal, so two PCI (6) 023e multi-function data collection cards are selected The maximum sampling frequency of the data collection card is 200kHz, with 12 bit resolution. The differential mode supports 8-channel input The hemorrhoid ligator is classified according to the fast changing vibration signal and slow changing temperature signal. A PCI (6) 023e is used to collect the vibration signals of three channels in the process of bearing accelerated fatigue test Water chestnut is cultivated most in the downstream and Pearl River Delta. The mature period of water chestnut coincides with the Mid Autumn Festival in August, so it is also regarded as a mid autumn festival delicacy in many places. However, compared with moon cakes, water chestnut has a long history but is not well-known. From the search of e-commerce platforms, at present, the consumption of water chestnut is still mainly fresh food, supplemented by primary processed products, which is difficult to obtain consumer recognition and cannot be widely popularized. Therefore, exploring and processing water chestnut products has become the most urgent thing for people at present

shelling equipment comes out one after another to help water chestnut deep processing

water chestnut, as an angular "personality" food, must be shelled before deep processing. There are many kinds of water chestnut, including horn, two horn, triangle, four horn, etc., and the smaller the shell, the harder it is, which is difficult to remove. Therefore, many enterprises can only abandon small water chestnut when processing water chestnut, causing a great waste. At present, a new round of technological revolution and industrial reform in the city is poised to take off. Some multifunctional shellers produced on the market can realize water chestnut shelling. For example, the multifunctional shelling machine produced by an enterprise in Henan can realize water chestnut peeling. The equipment adopts the way of rolling peeling, which has higher production efficiency and better quality than manual peeling. Moreover, the equipment has strong applicability, and can be paired and linked with sorting equipment, dust remover and other machines to realize assembly line operation

in addition, in the shelling process of water chestnut, although the shape of water chestnut fruit is more pleasing to the eye, it is very easy to break. Some enterprises that have requirements for the integrity of fruit try to find a shelling equipment that is easier to retain the integrity of water chestnut, and the fixture is the combination of these structures. It is understood that at present, there is a water chestnut shelling device, which installs a camera in front of the shelling cutter to realize the self adjustment of the cutter angle. The shape of the cutter is divided into three types, large, medium and small, which perfectly fit the water chestnut of different sizes. Therefore, in the actual operation process, it can quickly chop off the water chestnut edges and corners, without damaging the water chestnut pulp, and further improve the whole fruit rate

food machinery and equipment help water chestnut processing

as a traditional water chestnut in Jiangsu, all regions began to explore water chestnut processing and improve the price of water chestnut products. Several villagers in Guanwang village, Gaochun District, Nanjing jointly purchased vacuum packaging equipment. Through vacuum packaging of water chestnut meat, the price per kilogram of water chestnut was increased by more than three times; The head of Xuzhou Pizhou Lingjiao breeding cooperative found that the pulp of Lingjiao fruit can be dried, canned, ground into powder, etc., and the production efficiency will be greatly improved. Therefore, the head searched around for relevant machinery and equipment, ready to do a big job

in addition, we can also learn from the experience of other food deep processing, and try to make water chestnut chips, water chestnut freeze-drying and other products. Tang Jinsong, Yan Hongqing and others have disclosed a vacuum frying technology for water chestnut chips. After shelling the water chestnut with shelling equipment, cleaning and decontamination with washing machine, slicing with slicer, blanching with blanching machine and other steps, use vacuum frying equipment to make crispy chips. Vacuum frying equipment has the effects of both frying and dehydration, which can reduce the oxidation harm in the process of frying, and is in line with the pursuit of healthy diet in today's society

although water chestnut has existed for a long time, it has been little known due to geographical and storage constraints. Nowadays, with the further development of food machinery and equipment, the storage life of water chestnut can be greatly extended, and transportation is no longer a problem. Therefore, water chestnut food production enterprises also need to use their brains to use food machinery and equipment to further process water chestnut and extend the water chestnut industry chain

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