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Water paint is becoming an upgraded product of traditional paint

water paint is becoming an upgraded product of traditional paint

January 4, 2018

[China paint information]

in recent years, the upgrading of industrial structure has been carried out in all walks of life, and the coating industry, as an important supporting industry, is no exception. Due to the requirements of health and environmental protection, non-toxic and pollution-free water paint is becoming an upgraded product of traditional paint, However, in the process of replacing paint with water paint, there is a strange phenomenon: in the field of real-time display of LCD under construction, the water paint process of paint is very fast, and most of the exterior wall paint and interior wall paint have popularized the use of water paint; However, in the industrial field, the process of replacing paint with water paint is very slow

in this regard, experts pointed out that, "One of the most important reasons for its strong applicability is that the use of architectural coatings is closely related to people's living environment. People tend to use environmental friendly and non-toxic water paint as architectural coatings due to their own health considerations. In the industrial field, enterprise operators are not the direct beneficiaries of environmental friendly coatings, and lack the awareness of using environmental friendly water-based coatings, which greatly affects the hydration process of industrial coatings."

for example, when people use paint in home decoration, as a product that can be directly contacted, the hot spot that consumers pay most attention to is its safety performance, such as VOC emission. Usually, the detection of pipes will include many contents, such as the content of heavy metals, formaldehyde emission, whether the storage is flammable and explosive, etc. thousands of families have formaldehyde poisoning, fire and even explosion due to the use of paint and paint every year, The superposition of these factors strengthens people's willingness to use water paint in the construction field

but from the perspective of industrial coatings, although consumers will not be directly exposed to it in most cases, its impact on the environment is huge. More than half of the VOC emissions are caused by industry, and the extensive use of traditional paints in the industrial field is an important culprit of air pollution. Worryingly, with the increasingly serious problem of air pollution, the harm of paint to health is not limited to the simple home environment. For example, the haze caused by pollution has begun to harm everyone of us all the time

in recent years, at the upper and lower limits of high and low temperatures, the number of diseases and deaths caused by air pollution has been rising. According to the report of the International Energy Agency, 3million people worldwide die from outdoor air pollution and 3.5 million people die from indoor air pollution every year. The report predicts that by 2040, the number of deaths caused by outdoor air pollution will increase to 4.5 million per year, but the number of deaths from indoor air pollution will be reduced from 3.5 million to 3 million. A report published by the University of California at Berkeley in the scientific magazine plosone in August 2015 said that 1.6 million people in China die from diseases caused by air pollution every year. These terrible figures have sounded the alarm for us. The protection of air quality must not be limited to limited private space. The popularity of water paint in the industrial field should also enter the "countdown"

fortunately, at present, on the one hand, the government has increasingly stringent environmental requirements for the industrial manufacturing industry, and began to gradually guide the use of environmentally friendly water-based coatings. In recent years, the country has also introduced the corresponding "paint consumption tax", while water-based industrial paint has been comparable to paint in terms of functionality, and domestic water-based paint manufacturers have even had the advantages of high performance and low cost, which is good for the hydration of industrial paint

on the other hand, some factories have also begun to take the initiative to transfer oil-based coatings to water-based coatings and build "environment-friendly" industries. Industry insiders said that as an important supporting industry in the fields of construction, industry, vehicles and ships, the water-based coating is not only an important part of building an environment-friendly society, but also a key battle for the effective treatment of the current severe air pollution. Both construction and industry are "major consumers" of paint and coatings. In the future, the acceleration of the replacement process of water-based coating needs to be synchronized

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