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The wide application of active packaging technology in the food industry

at present, most food packaging in supermarkets can only simply play the role of food instructions and preventing food pollution while competing with peers in these traditional packaging fields to consolidate the market. It is generally believed that as long as the packaged food is within the shelf life, it should be safe, but in fact it is not. In order to ensure food safety and prevent consumers from eating spoiled food by mistake, scientists have developed some new packaging technologies that can indicate whether food is spoiled and extend the fresh-keeping period of food. These technologies are collectively referred to as "active packaging technology" or "intelligent packaging technology". Food packaging researchers found that some materials can absorb the oxygen in the packaging bag; Some materials will interact with the gas produced when the food goes bad and change the color; Some materials change color when the temperature changes. If such materials are used to package food, it will help prevent food from oxidative deterioration, or provide consumers with more information about whether food is safe

because these active material packages have the function of showing food safety, many companies are cooperating to study this "active package" in various forms. French "No.2 price" supermarket chains are using a packaging technology called "time and temperature indication" on many fresh foods, which is called TTI for short. In fact, it is a label that shows how long the food has been stored at a certain temperature. This label is like a shooting target, with many transparent rings with ferrules, and the central ring contains a chemical substance. This chemical will polymerize with time and temperature, and change from transparent to black. If the packaged food is kept at a low temperature, the polymerization reaction of the chemical is very slow. Once the temperature increases, the polymerization reaction will accelerate, and the chemical will change from transparent to black. As the bacteria on food increase with the increase of temperature and time, the degree of Chemical Blackening will become more and more serious. When the inner ring turns black, it means that the food is no longer fresh. Consumers can judge whether the food has been stored at high temperature for a long time by the change of label color. Using this label to package food is convenient for consumers to choose targeted, not easy to choose spoiled food by mistake, and at the same time, it can also avoid disputes caused by the return of food spoilage requirements

another food safety indication packaging technology studied by researchers is a kind of plastic disc doped with dyes, which shows whether meat and vegetables have deteriorated by interacting with the gas released by the food in the packaging bag. After this kind of plastic sheet is put into the food packaging bag, if the food in the packaging bag rots, it will release gas and change the color of the plastic sheet. Consumers can know whether the food is spoiled according to the color of the plastic sheet

the above intelligent packaging technology can only show consumers whether the food is spoiled, while another intelligent packaging technology can control the environment in the packaging bag and prolong the fresh-keeping period of food. Different fruits and vegetables need to be kept fresh under a certain concentration of oxygen and carbon dioxide, which is difficult to control in sealed packaging bags. Because when the temperature is high, the fruits or vegetables in the packaging bag will consume more oxygen and release more carbon dioxide. Therefore, if not adjusted, the fresh-keeping period of food is bound to be affected. In order to solve this problem, a company in Menlo Park, California, is studying a packaging film called intelimer. This kind of membrane will change its permeability when the temperature changes, so as to keep different foods under the optimal concentration ratio of oxygen and carbon dioxide

another way to slow down the deterioration of food is to use an oxygen scavenger to remove oxygen and control the air environment in the packaging bag, so as to avoid oxidative deterioration of food. At present, the commonly used method is to put a small sachet containing iron powder in the food packaging bag, and use the iron powder to consume the oxygen in the packaging bag. But this method has obvious shortcomings, because the warning sign of "inedible" on the small sachet is easy to cause consumer disgust. To this end, a seal gas company in New Jersey is producing a packaging material that can remove oxygen by itself. This material has an oxidizable polymer inner layer, which can capture and consume the oxygen in the packaging bag through the metal heat sink like iron powder

in addition to the above two intelligent packaging technologies, there are some more unique intelligent packaging technologies, such as intelligent beer sealed can technology. When the intelligent beer can is unscrewed, the beer can be automatically cooled by 16.7 ℃ within 3 minutes, so that people can drink refreshing iced beer. The reason why the beer can achieve this effect is that the beer can adopts a unique intelligent packaging technology. This beer can has upper and lower parts, the upper part is divided into beer, and the outer layer of beer is made of hydrogel, which increases the support for vulnerable groups; A series of diverse and colorful cultural and sports activities such as the staff games were held; The lower part is composed of vacuum layer, desiccant and heat absorbent layer. When the beer can is unscrewed, the pressure in the can drops, causing the water in the can to evaporate and the beer temperature to drop. The evaporated water is absorbed by the desiccant, while the heat absorbent absorbs heat. Because such beer cans can be fresh and chilled, they have become the famous smart packaging in supermarkets at present

intelligent packaging technology can facilitate consumers to choose clean, safe and reassuring food by using scientific methods, prolong the shelf life of food, and is conducive to the preservation and transportation of food. It has a broad market prospect. Especially when the market supervision mechanism is not perfect and fake and shoddy products are still rampant, consumers need the help of intelligent packaging technology more. Researchers predict that in the near future, the number of packaging bags produced with intelligent packaging technology will account for 20% - 40% of the total number of food packaging bags

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