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Vrs8000 steam turbine condition monitoring and fault diagnosis expert analysis system

vrs8000 system adopts modular structure, which is extremely convenient and flexible. It adopts the Chinese Windows operation interface, which is convenient to apply and intuitive to display. The upper computer communicates with multiple data acquisition boxes, and can easily form a remote monitoring and diagnosis center through dial-up network. Vrs8000 rotating machinery condition monitoring and fault diagnosis expert analysis system has strong scalability and maintainability, and provides a flexible and convenient application space for the use and configuration of new and old users. The system has been running continuously and stably in the industrial field for a long time, and has been welcomed and praised by the majority of new and old users

system composition

vrs8000 system is a distributed master-slave distributed vibration monitoring and fault diagnosis system based on computer and single chip microcomputer. Vrs8000 system is generally composed of acquisition station (intelligent data acquisition box, also known as lower computer) and workstation (upper computer), which are integrated through network. The acquisition station collects various signals in real time, and analyzes, stores and displays them. The acquisition station can only do simple analysis of waveform, spectrum and trend, while other complex analysis and fault diagnosis can only be carried out in the workstation. This division of labor simplifies the operation on the acquisition station to the greatest extent and ensures the reliability of its data acquisition and storage. The workstation can be any computer running Windows operating system in the control room, office or even thousands of miles away, as long as this computer can connect with the acquisition station through the network and install vrs8000 workstation software. The workstation can monitor the operation status of field equipment in real time, analyze the fault of historical data until the sample breaks or reaches the specified number of times in China, diagnose, back up historical data, modify system parameters, back up system parameters, upgrade system procedures, etc

if there are many measuring points, the number of acquisition stations is more than 4, or the number of workstations working at the same time is more, in order to improve the system processing performance, data servers can be added. The data server receives, processes and stores the real-time data of the collection station, and provides data services for the workstation, which is troublesome and has human errors

specific requirements for hardware design of vrs8000 system:

large special devices, such as programmable bandpass filter, programmable tracking bandpass filter and special ad/dc separator, are used to reduce the circuit scale; SMT process is adopted to reduce the circuit volume; Soft correction parameters are adopted to reduce the production and debugging difficulty of the board and improve the accuracy of the signal

⑴ the system design adopts standard, network, distributed function and systematic open hardware structure

⑵ use redundant hardware, self diagnosis and anti-interference measures to achieve high reliability

⑶ reduce the type of equipment, that is, the type and size of peripheral equipment, microprocessors, electrical modules, input and output interfaces and other modules are limited to the minimum, so as to reduce the cost of required spare parts

⑷ the i/o module in the system is standardized, building block, plug-in in structure, easy to replace, and can be plugged in and out

(5) provide guide rails and locks to prevent damage and accidents when plugging in and out modules

⑥ the components of all processing modules are clearly marked and have appropriate diagnostic instructions

⑺ a component failure does not cause malfunction, and a unit failure does not affect other units

vrs8000 impact state monitoring and fault diagnosis expert system function caused by rotating machinery:

real-time monitoring, continuous data acquisition and display function

· perfect and reliable on-site signal pickup function

· quasi continuous, extremely high speed Synchronous whole cycle acquisition and storage of all vibration signals of the unit

· high speed and accurate acquisition of unit speed and process parameters related to unit conditions

· dynamic display of unit operation status

automatic identification of unit operation status

· normal operation status

· startup and shutdown status

· and disconnection status

· no-load status, abnormal vibration dangerous status

automatically form a variety of complete databases to realize accident recall

the following historical databases can be formed

· historical databases (hours, days, weeks, months, years)

· startup and shutdown databases

· variable load databases

· abnormal databases

· black box databases

· feature databases

powerful vibration analysis function

· time domain analysis: waveform, amplitude, axis trajectory, axis position, shafting motion simulation

· frequency domain analysis: spectrum, phase, waterfall diagram

· variable speed process: Bode diagram, polar coordinate diagram, cascade diagram

detailed fault diagnosis expert system

diagnose the most common vibration faults of rotating machinery

has a variety of balance calculation methods, which provide:

· calculation of influence coefficient by least square method

· dynamic balance calculation of influence coefficient by least square method

· calculation of influence coefficient by harmonic component method

· harmonic component method influence coefficient dynamic balance calculation

· vector addition and subtraction, residual vibration estimation and other functions

powerful network function

provides a fast and reliable remote service network interface to realize real-time remote monitoring of vibration data and fault diagnosis and analysis

the hardware adopts a modular structure, which is extremely convenient for use and maintenance

it has a good and intuitive windows interface and is easy to operate

the change trend of any or more parameters relative to a certain parameter can be analyzed, in which the horizontal axis and vertical axis can be arbitrarily selected, and the time period can be arbitrarily set

event list function, which can record the details of each event

report printing function, which can print running reports regularly, automatically print operation records, screen copies, etc

vrs8000 has its own unique functions in addition to the various vibration maps of the general vibration analysis system, such as:

shafting motion simulation diagram

correlation trend analysis (abscissa and ordinate can be arbitrarily selected, and the time period can be arbitrarily set)

various dynamic balance calculations

complete database management

remote diagnosis and analysis, etc

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