Special generator set for the hottest 15 kW refitt

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Special generator set for 15 kW refitted vehicle

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the public generator set of the 15 kW dump truck can manipulate the torsion of the generator to mobilize the rotor of the engine, the generator will input the induced electromotive force, and the current can be generated through the closed load circuit, and the daniaze power generator will be converted into electric energy through operation. It will be extinguished in the cylinder of the generator, which will reduce the oil consumption of the generator and reduce the service life of the machine, so it is a machine with the highest cost performance 。

The public generator set of the

15 kW dump truck adopts a permanent magnet generator, which eliminates the layout of the excitation winding, carbon brush and slip ring of the excitation generator. The layout of the parts is huge, which prevents the excitation winding from being easily burned and broken. The layout of the carbon brush and slip ring is huge, which prevents the excitation winding of the excitation generator from being easily burned and broken, and the carbon brush and slip ring from being easily worn. The reliability is greatly improved

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as for after-sales like this generator, the conventional operation will not show any results. If there are some small results in the automatic counting and compensation operation of vulnerable parts or counting devices at the same time, danieze's after-sales technology will directly help you deal with them, We will send you the spare parts by express. If it is a big problem of the machinery, such as the power or the motor, no matter where you bought your machinery, it needs to be returned to the factory for maintenance. During the warranty period, only if all the faults caused by the mechanical quality are borne by our manufacturer

4. Product after-sales: after buying danieze generator, how can the goods arrive in my hands for more than 10 years to produce the experimental machine

answer: customer service replied that "daniaze" brand generators are mainly transported by logistics, and collaborative logistics is that when the load reaches the maximum point, the plastic deformation of the test piece is concentrated in a small section at a certain section, such as a large logistics in the world. If they don't come to the logistics point from you, we will take other special lines for logistics, and the machinery will be guaranteed for one year! Lifetime supply of accessories and device protection

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