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The special demonstration meeting for the development of major scientific research instruments and equipment of infrared laser was successfully held.

on June, the expert demonstration meeting for the development scheme of large-scale experimental device for Energy Chemistry Research Based on tunable infrared laser, a national major scientific research instrument and equipment development project organized by the collaborative innovation center of energy and material chemistry and led by Professor Sun Shigang of Xiamen University, was held in Xiamen National Accounting Institute. Liang Wenping, executive deputy director of the Chemical Department of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Chen Yongjun, deputy director of the Department of science and technology of the Ministry of education, Lei chaozi, deputy director of the Department of science and technology of the Ministry of education, Han jiahuai, vice president of Xiamen University average, and more than 60 leaders, experts and scholars, including members of the project management team of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, members of the project supervision team of the Ministry of education, members of the project technical committee, consultants and members of the project team, were present at the meeting

vice president Han jiahuai first delivered a speech on behalf of the project supporting units and the leading group, warmly welcomed the leaders and experts present, and expressed heartfelt thanks to the leaders and experts at all levels for their strong support for the project. At the same time, on behalf of Xiamen University, we solemnly promise again that we will do a good job in the guarantee and supervision of the project implementation, and urge the project team to complete the construction tasks on time and with high quality

liangwenping, the leader of the project management team, expressed his heartfelt thanks to all experts for giving up the opportunity to reunite with their families during the Dragon Boat Festival and coming to the meeting, which fully reflects the importance and support of the members of the expert team and consultant experts for this project. Director Liang pointed out that this project is very important for China to implement the strategy of independent innovation and development of a new generation of large scientific devices, and the main technical parameters: it will play a positive role in promoting basic research in related fields in China. We should build this large-scale experimental device into an open scientific research platform, and encourage researchers at home and abroad to use this large-scale device to carry out cutting-edge research, discover new phenomena and produce new achievements

On behalf of the project supervision department, deputy director Lei chaozi thanked the NSFC for its long-term support for scientific research in Colleges and universities, and said that the science and Technology Department of the Ministry of education paid close attention to the progress of the project and maintained close contact with the project team. The approval of such a major project is only the first step. What is more important is to complete it well, make good use of national scientific research funds, build world-class large-scale instruments, and produce world-class scientific research achievements. He hoped that Xiamen University would further integrate various resources and fully support the work of the project team. At the same time, he also hoped that all units of the collaborative innovation center would work together to support the implementation of the project, explore new ideas and measures of collaborative innovation in practice, and provide a useful demonstration for the national "2011 plan"

subsequently, Professor Sun Shigang reported the overall situation and progress of the project to the participating leaders and experts. The heads of each sub project of the project reported on the development schemes of infrared free electron laser, surface interface spectrum, spatial resolution spectrum, time resolution spectrum, photodissociation spectrum and optical excitation spectrum respectively, and listened to the questions and opinions of leaders and experts. After demonstration, the technical committee and the consultant experts fully affirmed the development technical route proposed by the project team and expressed satisfaction with the phased progress made by the project team. At the same time, we also put forward valuable opinions and suggestions on the technical design of the large-scale experimental device, requiring the project team to keep improving and repeatedly demonstrate the technical details. At the same time, we actively solicit domestic and foreign peer experts. At every step, we Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. will give clear audit opinions to customers to ensure quality, so as to achieve the seamless connection between the infrared free electron laser and the experimental station. The project team will timely adjust and further improve the development plan according to the opinions and suggestions of leaders and experts to ensure the smooth completion of the project

at the meeting, the participating leaders issued letters of appointment to the members of the project technical committee and consultant experts

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