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Special adhesive for packaging and printing materials

special adhesive for packaging and printing materials launched by Shantou Xinyuan Chemical Co., Ltd. in the east of the factory. This adhesive is a self crosslinking modified acrylate polymer lotion. This lotion is a tackifying lotion, which has excellent adhesion to paper plastic, paper paper, paper aluminum, strong peeling force, high gloss, easy deployment, convenient use and good mechanical stability. Its adhesive film is tough and water resistant Light and heat resistance, aging resistance, solvent resistance, and joint participation in the implementation of Green Express can effectively avoid sample bias and tasteless measurement errors caused by irregularities. A secondary oil cylinder is set at the top of the two clamping jaws, which is transparent and clear, free of toxic substances, and has excellent leveling. It is an ideal environmental friendly green packaging material. It is suitable for special glue for trademarks and various food packaging labels

reprinted from: processing simple Chinese adhesives

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