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The special application of anti-counterfeiting ink in stamp printing

as we all know, stamps are different from general products or trademarks. They are both securities and works of art. Once the pattern color of the stamp design manuscript is determined, it cannot be changed; Moreover, there is already a lot of content between the square inches, and there is no space for additional words and patterns. If words and patterns are added for the purpose of anti-counterfeiting, the artistic effect of the overall design of stamps will be destroyed, and a greater burning effect will be achieved. Therefore, the anti-counterfeiting of stamps has certain difficulties and limitations. According to the business characteristics of printing more than 100 kinds of stamps with different printing processes every year, the Stamp Printing Bureau has developed yellow, magenta and cyan fluorescent encryption anti-counterfeiting inks. In this case, 1 there are five varieties with large gap: yellow ink glows yellow, yellow ink glows red, red ink glows yellow, red ink glows red, and blue ink glows green. The above five fluorescent inks contain encryption components, so these five anti-counterfeiting inks can play the effects of first-line anti-counterfeiting (public recognition) and second-line anti-counterfeiting (instrument detection for arbitration)

at present, photographic intaglio (photocopy) and offset anti-counterfeiting inks have been developed to meet the printing requirements of various patterns of stamps and the printing process requirements of different stamps. For example, the stamp sheetlet "Hukou waterfall of the Yellow River" previously printed and issued, in which the warm yellow ink with red light is used in the printing, is the command version ink. The stamp pattern of the printed sheetlet does not change under normal light; However, stimulated by the UV lamp, the continuous expansion of plasticization of postal vehicles has also increased the use of plastics in the automotive industry, but the ticket pattern can emit a golden red glow, playing a role in anti-counterfeiting. From this successful combination, it is not difficult to see that the anti-counterfeiting ink should be organically applied in the design of stamps according to the characteristics of stamp prints, which can not only achieve the purpose of anti-counterfeiting, but also make the prints have better artistic effects. In the research of stamp anti-counterfeiting technology, we understand that anti-counterfeiting must be two high and one strict, that is, anti-counterfeiting technology should be high-tech and high investment technology. Adopting high-tech and increasing the investment of development funds can increase the difficulty of imitation

China has invested quite a lot in the development of anti-counterfeiting technology for stamp printing. Strict means to strictly manage the anti-counterfeiting technology and anti-counterfeiting materials without outflow and abuse, otherwise the vitality of its anti-counterfeiting technology will be greatly shortened. Any anti-counterfeiting technology and anti-counterfeiting materials are not once and for all, especially in today's rapid development of science and technology. Therefore, the research work of stamp anti-counterfeiting technology serving the safe printing of stamps cannot be stopped for a moment

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