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Enterprise special equipment management solutions

1 formulate a perfect safety management system

the system is the guarantee, and only by improving the system can we ensure the safe operation and use of special equipment. 4. The shaking range of power supply voltage should not exceed ± 10% of the additional voltage of universal testing machine. Small and medium-sized enterprises perform the safety production management responsibilities of special equipment, establish a relatively independent full-time equipment safety production management organization or full-time and part-time personnel positions consistent with the enterprise, and workshops and management departments have managers or safety officers in charge of equipment safety to strictly perform their duties; Formulate effective safety production system and relevant rules and regulations for special equipment, formulate safety operation procedures for special equipment, clarify equipment safety responsibilities, and ensure the effective implementation of safety production management for special equipment

(1) there is a safety production management system for special equipment. In the annual plan, establish assessment indicators and assessment methods for special equipment. During the implementation of technical transformation projects, if there are special equipment in the equipment investment, special equipment designed, manufactured and quality tested in strict accordance with the specifications must be purchased. If the specifications are not met at the time of acceptance, the requirements cannot be reduced

(2) for the added special equipment, the safety "three Simultaneities" management should be achieved, and the safety and facility investment should be included in the fixed assets budget estimate

(3) establish a system, train managers and users, and assess them regularly, continue post training and education, and improve the safety awareness of special equipment. According to the specification, the qualified unit shall carry out regular maintenance. According to the latest report of market research

(4) strengthen the safety management of special equipment and personnel. The procurement of special equipment shall be accompanied by design documents, product quality certificates, installation, use and maintenance instructions, supervision and inspection certificates and other documents, and the safety technical archives of special equipment shall be established; The operators are trained and qualified, and take the post with certificates

(5) carefully carry out on-site supervision and inspection of safety production of special equipment. Carefully inspect the on-site operation, such as whether the pressure parameter setting of the pressure vessel and the instrument display are correct and accurate; Whether the operation of elevator (cargo elevator) is standardized; Whether the operation of lifting equipment is reliable. If any hidden danger is found, it shall be rectified in time, and it can be used only after meeting the safety regulations

many customers have bought our equipment (6) formulate a reward and punishment system to encourage special equipment personnel to strictly implement the management system and the operation and use specifications. For example, if the vehicle materials of fajinfa technology continue to innovate, the phenomenon of violating the operation and command regulations should be stopped immediately

(7) establish special equipment safety operation files, maintain maintenance files, violation records and safety rewards and punishments, hidden dangers and rectification, rectification measures, etc. For daily use and management, the use account should be established

2 do a good job in regular safety inspection

special equipment has more potential hazards than general production equipment in the production process, which is prone to accidents, causing injury to the operator himself or others, equipment damage, public facilities and other heavy property losses. In order to ensure its normal operation, the user unit should regularly carry out mandatory inspection before it can be put into use; During the production process, it is necessary to carry out and patrol inspection regularly according to the regulations, and make records of safety inspection, regular inspection and regular self inspection of special equipment. For special equipment and its safety accessories, safety protection devices, measurement and control devices and relevant auxiliary instruments and meters, it is necessary to make records of daily use conditions, daily maintenance records, operation faults and accidents of special equipment, To avoid the occurrence of special equipment accidents and ensure the safety of production and life

3 strengthen safety management to ensure that special equipment is in good condition

establish complete and standardized accounts of various special equipment, formulate corresponding intact rules, use and maintenance and three-level maintenance systems, and formulate personnel and intermediate maintenance plans. According to the characteristics of special equipment, maintenance, repair, commissioning, etc., some special equipment must be undertaken by qualified units. The company cannot implement it arbitrarily, and implement it regularly and make relevant records, Regularly check the implementation. Correct use, immediate maintenance and "use, maintenance and repair" are combined. Each special equipment is assigned to a specific person and machine. Operators in each shift operate according to the safety production procedures of special equipment, and timely and carefully fill in the equipment lubrication, operation and operation record form. In case of equipment failure, immediately stop production and report it in time. Normal production can be put into operation only after the equipment is eliminated

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