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Speak with facts and confirm the legend of Yongjia valve with figures

the pump and valve industry cluster in Yongjia County has 1100 pump and valve enterprises, accounting for 30% of the country, of which 96 are above the standard of pump and valve. Pump and valve enterprises can produce more than 3000 varieties and 40000 specifications of valve products and more than 800 varieties and 10000 specifications of pump products. The products are exported to Russia, the European Union 150

brands such as the United States are the comprehensive embodiment of the competitiveness of enterprises. Our county has always attached great importance to and actively promoted the strategy of "rejuvenating the county by brand", and has taken various measures to vigorously cultivate and develop the brand economy and improve the brand building ability. A few days ago, Yongjia pump and valve industry was also named "national well-known brand building demonstration area of pump and valve industry" by the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China, realizing a zero breakthrough in Wenzhou's "national well-known brand building demonstration area". From now on, we will launch a series of reports focusing on brand building, focusing on the achievements of brand building in our county. Please pay attention

the high-tech valves developed by Chaoda valve group were invented out of thin air and inserted into thin air. The first half of 2016 is the essence of Wenzhou spirit, and it is also a true portrayal of Yongjia, the "hometown of Chinese pumps and valves". The hard-working and intelligent Yongjia people have created their own legends, and the unremitting cultivation behind their success. Liuzhuohui, former chief engineer of the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine and academician of the International Academy of Quality Sciences, and other expert leaders believe that the reasons for the rise of Yongjia valve cannot be separated from five aspects: brand construction planning, brand culture building, quality infrastructure construction, brand construction effectiveness and regional industrial development characteristics, It has built a pump and valve industry base with industrial competitiveness and brand influence, and has become a veritable hometown of pumps and valves in China

it may be the most powerful to use facts and figures to confirm the legend of Yongjia valve. 1100 enterprises account for 30% of the country.

Wang Xiaofang was born in a valve family. She has been exposed to valves since childhood and has a reluctant heart. In 1999, after graduating from University, she could have chosen a comfortable job, but she finally decided to enter Zhengguang valve group founded by her father. By 2012, she had purchased new plants and equipment, and named her new company Zhejiang Liqiang Valve Co., Ltd

this is a microcosm of the valve industry cluster in Oubei area of Yongjia, which is either influenced by their parents or supported by their relatives and friends. Together, we have expanded and strengthened the industry cake, and achieved each other in different fields such as industrial agglomeration, market development, brand construction, backbone enterprise cultivation and system construction

there are 1100 pump and valve enterprises in the pump and valve industry cluster in Yongjia County, accounting for 30% of the country, including 96 Enterprises above the standard of pump and valve. Pump and valve enterprises can produce more than 3000 varieties and 40000 specifications of valve products and more than 800 varieties and 10000 specifications of pump products. The products are exported to more than 150 countries and regions such as Russia, the European Union and the United States

the stars are shining. There are 41 pump and valve industry groups in our county, 27 pump and valve enterprises with an output value of more than 100 million yuan and 1 pump and valve enterprise with an output value of more than 500 million yuan. Some products of leading enterprises such as Bethel, Xuanda and Chaoda have reached the advanced level of the national pump and valve industry, and have undertaken a number of national projects such as the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of science and technology. Xuanda has the only provincial key research institute of corrosion-resistant metal materials in the province. The series of special stainless steels developed by Xuanda, such as high silicon and ferrite, have filled the domestic gap, which are corrosion-resistant, high temperature resistant Wear resistant metal materials are in the leading position in the world industry

it is understood that Bethel is the best supplier of all Russian natural gas, Rosneft and Petrobras Brasil to reduce the axial tension of the test piece to the minimum. Chaoda and founder have become the strategic cooperation suppliers of shell, the world's largest oil company. The export rate of Chaoda valve's independent brand has reached more than 60%. Fortunately, 150 valve enterprises in the demonstration zone have obtained export permits and established international sales networks in more than 130 countries and regions. Nine well-known trademarks and 18 provincial famous

brands are the stepping stones to the market. As a single enterprise, the breakthrough is the accumulation of clusters. Zhao Anton, President of SHANGZHENG group, believes that Yongjia valve is characterized by the blooming of a hundred flowers. First of all, its fame should be attributed to the whole of Baihua garden, that is, the penetration of regional influence, and its competitiveness will naturally continue to improve. The regional brand building concept of "pursuing both righteousness and benefit, pursuing excellence, and building a world-class pump and valve production base" constantly guides and encourages enterprises to strive to build their own brands. At present, the demonstration zone has 9 well-known trademarks, 18 provincial famous trademarks, 19 municipal famous trademarks, 16 Zhejiang famous brands, 22 Wenzhou famous brands, 5 Zhejiang export famous brands, 6 Wenzhou export famous brands, and more than 100 international trademarks registered all over the world. It has 137 valid invention patents, 1224 utility model patents, and has developed 246 new products above the provincial level

in addition, with the help of the technical advantages of the national pump and valve product quality inspection center, common technical problems such as the detection, research and development of more than 95% of valve products in Zhejiang Province and surrounding areas have been solved. At present, 267 1006 batch enterprises have been helped to obtain the valve export permit and the fire valve access permit for the domestic petrochemical industry, and 65 enterprises have obtained the micro leakage third-party test report for 270 batches of valves, It has broken the technical barriers of pumps and valves set in Europe and the United States

at the same time, it has successively won more than 10 regional brands, such as "hometown of Chinese pumps and valves", National Torch Plan pump and valve characteristic industrial base, Zhejiang regional famous brand, provincial export base, provincial transformation and upgrading demonstration zone, provincial system process equipment high-tech industrialization base, provincial 2, concrete pouring to mold in-depth integration pilot zone of industrial clusters, provincial internationally renowned brand creation pilot, and provincial "machine replacement" ten industry pilot. 12 national standards and 31 industry standards revision

experts say that third tier enterprises do the market, second tier enterprises do the brand, and first-class enterprises do the standard, so what is the standard? In short, that is, the voice in the industry, that is, the status. Whoever participates in the standard revision is one of the biggest stakeholders

the standardization work has also promoted the small and medium-sized enterprises in the demonstration zone to continuously improve the quality level. Enterprises have participated in the formulation and revision of 51 new standards, including 12 national standards, 31 industrial standards and 2 local standards. In accordance with the requirements of Zhejiang Province to promote made in China 2025, one group standard and five alliance standards of "made in Zhejiang" have been formulated, and the product performance indicators have basically matched the high-quality products of international peers

the demonstration area has been approved to build the only joint innovation base of regional technical standards for valves in Zhejiang Province. It has also undertaken the two working groups of check valves and stop valves of the national valve Standardization Committee, and the Zhejiang valve standards technical committee has also settled in Yongjia, realizing the synchronous promotion of standardization construction and industrial transformation and upgrading. The standard fatigue testing machine is a right to speak for the mechanized work of testing the fatigue performance of metals and their alloy materials under tensile, compressive or tensile and compressive alternating loads at room temperature, so as to accelerate the progress of pump and valve products in the demonstration area from "universal" to "medium and high-end"

the reason why our valves can rise is that we put technological innovation at the core. Jin Baiqiang, the head of the top 100 valves, believes that the first vitality of enterprises is innovation. Only when each enterprise has its own killer mace can it be invincible. The brand value of pump and valve in the demonstration area is nearly 600million

pump and valve enterprises have been flying at the "Internet +" tuyere. At Euram Valve Technology Co., Ltd., located in Oubei, Yongjia, more than a dozen salespersons are in front of the computer, using the browsing data of the station to track service sales. "In addition to regular customers, we now basically sell through the Internet." Jin Zhiyuan, chairman of the company, said that the annual sales of Euram through the internet account for at least 40% of the total sales

through 38000 enterprise members owned by Chinese pump and valve, we have achieved resource sharing with 12 major pump and valve markets across the country, and become the country's largest electronic sales and procurement platform for pump and valve products. In addition, through the continuous holding of Chinese pump and valve exhibitions in the demonstration area, enterprises participated in the "valve world" exhibition in Germany, enabling enterprises to sign product orders totaling 360million yuan. The public technology service platform in the demonstration zone plays an increasingly important role in driving industrial innovation and development

generally, the quality of pump and valve products has been effectively improved, customer satisfaction has improved year by year, and the influence of industrial brands has increased significantly. According to the evaluation of third-party institutions, customer satisfaction reached 88.75 and loyalty reached 88.92 in 2016, and customer satisfaction has increased steadily for three consecutive years; The brand value of pump and valve in the demonstration area reached 573million yuan

it can be predicted that by giving play to the leading role of backbone enterprises and the role of driving and helping small and medium-sized enterprises, in the construction of the the Belt and Road, the products of the demonstration area have taken gratifying steps to serve the needs of countries along the road. Yongjia pump and valve will move towards a broader stage, continue to speak with more beautiful numbers, and realize one higher and further dream after another

(according to the first pump valve in China)

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