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In the operation of boilers in thermal power plants, according to incomplete statistics, the induced draft fans and forced draft fans of boilers account for nearly 50% of the power consumption, and the power consumption of water pumps accounts for 40 $ Because the design capacity of actual fans and pumps usually exceeds the actual demand, and the motor always operates at power frequency, a large amount of energy tortuous modulus is wasted in the throttling process

Shanghai Haide Control System Co., Ltd. in this utilization, on the basis of fully digesting the foreign advanced technology, which is undoubtedly a huge business opportunity, launched the frequency conversion cabinet for the special induced draft fan, forced draft fan and feed water pump for 20t and 30t boilers, which is most used in the thermal power industry. At present, it is in Jiangsu. Hundreds of sets have been used in Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Shaanxi and other places, with an average energy-saving effect of more than 50%, which is highly praised by users

introduction to frequency conversion cabinet:

all imported devices are used. The frequency converter adopts ABB frequency converter, which is the most advanced and the only one using DTC (direct torque control) in the world. Low voltage electrical appliances adopt internationally renowned brand products, which greatly improves the reliability of products

it fully meets the process requirements of the boiler for the interlocking of the induced draft fan, forced draft fan and grate motor, as well as the process requirements of the feed pump with one driven one, one driven two, one driven three and one driven four

it has the functions of manual/automatic, frequency conversion/power frequency switching, fault alarm, speed and current display, and can provide professional services according to customer requirements

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