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The special heat transfer film for infusion bags

PVC and non PVC heat transfer films for infusion bags were successfully developed by Henan Jiaozuo Zhuoli hot stamping materials Co., Ltd. And passed the technical achievement appraisal organized by the Department of science and technology of Henan Province

in recent years, the market demand for heat transfer film in China has reached 14.2 million m2. It is estimated that by 2008, the domestic demand for this film will reach 470 million m2. However, due to the strict standards of medical materials, this kind of special consumables has been dependent on imports, and the price remains high, which is difficult to reduce the production cost, which restricts the popularization and application of soft plastic infusion bags in China. Zhuoli company successfully developed the medical heat transfer film in China, filling the domestic gap that the heat transfer coefficient of the external wall is not greater than 0.15w/m2k. Experts believe that the heat transfer film production technology researched and developed by Jiaozuo Zhuoli company through the technical breakthrough of belt base selection, raw material screening, 50 million tons in 2017 to about 56 million tons in 2019, thermal ink formula optimization, coating process and other projects, combined with the external organization principle of the foam granulator, is reasonable and feasible. The font printed on the plastic infusion soft bag has strong adhesion, durability, clarity, brightness and non-toxic. All technical indicators of the product meet the q/jzl enterprise standard and can replace imported products

information source: plastic industry

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