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Special construction measures for main transformer installation safety

1. Resolutely implement the safe construction policy of "safety first, prevention first, and comprehensive treatment"

2. The mobilization of construction personnel is absolutely subject to the management of safety supervisors and construction management personnel

3. Before construction, the safety and reliability of construction tools and machinery should be checked, and the construction personnel should wear construction protective articles that are safe and in line with the international influence of China's plastic machinery industry, especially the configuration of safety belts that are directly cooled by cold water

4. Do a good job of construction technical disclosure and the issuance of safe operation order tickets

5. Construction machinery should have technicians on site to guide the construction and avoid blind and illegal operations

6. Civilized construction shall be carried out so that "when the work is completed, the materials are exhausted, and the site is cleared"

7. The nitrogen must be discharged completely during core inspection to protect personal safety

8. The clothes, shoes and hats of core inspectors must be clean, and it is best to choose clothes without buttons. It is not allowed to carry objects other than tools during the inspection. All tools and instruments for core inspection shall be strictly registered, and a distribution, receiving and counting system shall be established. Tools and instruments shall be equipped with hand bands, and all accessories and screws removed shall be registered;

9. Establish a leading group for the safe construction of the main transformer (see Annex 4), and actively play the role of the group in the safety guarantee during the installation process

10. Core inspection and testing personnel should work with certificates and consciously maintain the safety of other construction personnel

11. During the internal inspection of the transformer, the ventilation and lighting must be good. The materials developed by his team, which combine the water solubility and manual control of the loading speed valve to control the rising speed of the piston (the speed and safety valve are in one body) and degradability, have a certain environmental tolerance. The personnel entering the body for inspection are strictly prohibited from using AC power for lighting, and special personnel are assigned to supervise. Ensure that the air inside the transformer is unblocked

12. The soles of the constructors entering the transformer are wrapped with white cloth to ensure that their clothes are clean

13. Conduct unified command, report the problems found in the inspection to the on-site commander in time, and do not deal with them without authorization. Personnel without consent are not allowed to enter the transformer

14. Construction personnel should be in place, with clear and reasonable division of labor, unified command, coordination and tacit cooperation

15. Crane drivers and other construction personnel should obey the command to avoid blind operation and illegal construction

16. The hoisting road is unobstructed, the site is open and flat, and a certain hoisting construction surface is reserved

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